Fear of Bones Sticking Out Of My Foot

by Minxy

So, I can't seem to find anyone else online describing this particular fear. I'm not quite sure it is classified as a phobia, but it is definitely an obsession that occasionally gives me minor panic attacks and can make life difficult.
I have this fear that if there is any pressure on the metatarsal bones in my feet, particularly the ones on the outside and inside edges, that they will push through the skin of my foot. I usually only obsess over this when I am wearing shoes, particularly if the shoe is pressing on the edge of my foot at all. Once in a while I get a small pain and it makes me squirm, I want to rip my shoes off my feet because I am afraid that even the slightest pressure or touch will cause the skin to break. I do not wear shoes that are too tight, in fact because of this I wear them a little loose and wear thick socks to pad my feet. I also sometimes get the same fear about my hands, though not nearly as often. When I am at home, I don't wear any shoes and don't let the edges of my feet touch anything else - it's the only way I am completely comfortable. When sleeping on my side, I have to wrap my feet loosely in a blanket so they will not touch one another on the edges, otherwise I will be in pain. I can't sort out any more when I am actually feeling pain because of pressure on the edges of my feet, or if I am just "psyching" myself into believing that I am experiencing pain.
What on earth is wrong with me? I realize how completely irrational and silly it is, but I still can't get it out of my head! It's been this way ever since I can remember. Does anyone else imagine their bones migrating out of their skin? Is there a term for this?

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