Fear Of BLood Pressure Cuff

by Jeff
(Trenton NJ)

Hi. Thanks for letting me into the site and to help me realize I'm not alone with this agonizing fear. I've had an INTENSE fear of blood pressure cuff for as long as i can remember.

I'm 42. It's so bad that I refuse to seek medical treatment for things I need to get taken care of, and for unavoidable emergency visits, it's risin as high as 180/110. Normally, it's about 120/80, but it's a catch 22, once they come at me with the cuff, I literally lose it, a full blown panic attack. God forbid if they put any sticky things on my chest to monitor heartbeat. It's so horrible that for pre-admission testing for a hernia surgery, I literally jumped up off of the table and ran out of the hospital.

I'm a relatively intelligent human being, and I'm quite aware of how ridiculous this is, but I feel trapped. Just the thought of having it taken causes me to not be able to concentrate at work for days before any appointment.

I'm getting older now, and need to get things taken care of, but this fear literally paralyzed me. I even found a community doctor who will not take it, so I see him for strep throat, things like that. How can I get help?

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