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BP Club
by: Cindy

You can add me to this club....I am a wreck too. Maybe we should form a Blood Pressure Phobia Club and share our past and try to figure all this out. We could do it! Cindy

Finding a new family doctor
by: Brent

Trying to find out more about this, I was never afraid of no cuffs until my later teen years and it has now gotten out of control. I am as afraid of them as others might be off spiders or snakes maybe. I had to find a new family doctor, my doctor refuses to see me after accidentally knocking the nurse down, it was an uncontrollable accident that I did not mean to happen. I had warned the nurse, told her how frightened I was of no cuffs as she jokingly laughed. I panicked and my flight response triggered.

I thought I was the only one too
by: Anonymous

I developed a fear after trying the automatic cuffs at department stores. I had no control, and when it got too tight, my body automatically started pumping blood faster to try and get it to the end of my extremities. I think it's natural that our bodies start reacting when blood supply is cut off to the heart. Some people just have a more sensitive fight or flight response. It's like a Boa Constrictor that won't let go. In some people this may be a biological or genetic fear. I prefer the natural way. Just going to have my blood pressure taken causes hypertension from the fear response and damages blood vessels, so I think it's better for my health to not have it done. I heard they have ways of measuring blood pressure in your finger now.

by: jen

I laughes when I read these posts..sorry but, sometime you just have to laugh. It is such a ridilulous fear to have, yet, I too suffer from "blood pressure a-phobia"! I take it at home so I know what my numbers are because as soon as I make a doc appointment, I think my blood pressure goes through the roof! I don't know what it is about that cuff that sets a panic attack right off. My BP is ALWAYS high at the docs and normal to lower at home. I wish I could get over it too. I have no idea how to lose that fear. I just wanted you to know that you are def. not alone!

Damn! I thought I was the only one ever!
by: inthefog

I had a minor work related injury at work and needed a tetnus shot at the local hospital. They weren't initially going to even release me because they couldn't get a reading. I was ripping the cuff off my arm.
It may be irrational, but I really believe the blood is being pushed into my brain where it doesn't need to go. It's totally unnecessary pressure on my most vital, important area. And! I must say many, many years ago I was the only person complaining how unsanitary it was for so many to handle postage stamps and then ask us to lick them to the envelopes. Yup! Now, they are self adhesive!!!! Hmmmmm....

The big ole BP cuff scares me too
by: Laurie

I hate it and have for many years. I don't even like it in my home. I make myself make set up my Dr appt. at least once a year. I now have been seeing Drs. at least every six months. Yes,everytime I hate getting my blood pressure taken. I make myself laugh at it but, it still doesn't help. I just REALLY makes me mad!!! I know I should be able to control this!!

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