Fear of birds and enclosed spaces

by Dorsi
(Omaha, NE.)

Ever since I was very young I have been terrified of birds or anything with a wing span. My first drastic memory was when a bird was trapped in our living room and everyone was freaking out so the bird freaked out and kept ramming into the picture window until it collapsed covered in blood my Mom scooped it up and through it outside to suffer and die and that is only one of my gory bird horror stories there are many more. They seem to seek me out when they are traped and scared which does me no good at all. As I have gotten older and more alert of these things my fear has gotten progressively worse.
Right at this minute I am experiencing severe anxiety due to a bird trapped in the warehouse were I work I tried to talk myself out of it but it got to me and I ran out screaming and crying everyone was sympatetic but, Iam sure they all had a good laugh after I left which also makes me feel worse I don't know what to do my shrink also giggles when I tell her about it. I guess I will just have to buckup and try to get over it. I know more than likely the darn bird wont hurt me but it just makes me physically ill and emotionaly drained.

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