Fear of beingTrapped and Cornered

by Hope

Well I am a normal girl in high school. I can't seem to figure out why but whenever I am in a corner and someone comes by me or puts me into the corner I begin to either freeze up or become hysterical and begin sobbing and squirming until I am free and to an open area out in the middle of a yard. I can't find what my phobia is called or what has caused it. I am not scared of corners or small spaces, but I am scared of being cornered or trapped by another human being.
For instance, just last week my friend was trying to hug me and I somehow ended up in a corner and I began to cry, slipped out of their arms and ran down the stairs, out the door and into the middle of the feild. He began asking me if someone was harming me at home. The answer's no. I can't help but wonder what caused me to be this way.
I first was in a situation when I was cornered when I was in 8th grade and even then I ended up freezing up when cornered, so whatever is causing it has been in my life for a long time and I never knew it until I was puit into a situation that would cause me to react.
I just want to know what caused my fear and what to call it. Knowing how to get rid of it would be awesome as well.

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