Fear of being watched..real life Truman show attack

Marvin Gaye was right. we r being tracked watched ive been tormented based on my online activity a lot has happened alot, and continues to everyday from court shows or blog topics that literally resemble spot on scenarios going on in my life or ppl around me..but these were the eeriest.. the name of my hometowncity was the knickname of the only black actor in this old black n white movie yesterday later the news reported a criminal with the same last name as my cousin who is the only person I hang out with while visiting the city Im in. I dont care for Beyonce and Kim Kardashian which ive expressed openly online but i am terrified of killer whales all of whom Ive recently viewed online Both celebrities recently seen wearing heavy amounts of black n white, plus quaker oats new commercial has a lil girl swimming next to one. I first saw that very same commercial a few weeks ago after staying up all night spooked from looking at youtube videos about killer whales!!! Wtf!! When i left my hometown city for the holidays the movie Orca came on back to back. last week my internet connection would not connect to my tablet no matter what we did..never had any problems once that cleared up my tablet all of the sudden wouldnt stay charged once that was fixed the telephone wouldnt stay charged after sitting in the cradle all night. These outages happened during the only week i had to make serious moves online but couldnt bc all communication had been seemingly cut...im scared but Im not bc something seems to be purposely trying to scare me but little does this thing know I will beatrix kiddo this evil force so go lets go!

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