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phobia of... getting t...
by: Wolfy Bernertt :P

Ok I am so glad that I found this forum! I thought that noone else had the same problem as I do...anyway, I have a phobia/problem with t-wording,( too scared to say word in real life), I have no clue where it came from AT ALL, ... t-wording scares me to death, ... even thinking of it makes me whine with my mouth shut! I am t-wordish absolutoly EVERYWHERE! t-wording makes me feel weak and insignificant, ...
am I the only one that feels this
way?! If anyone else is like this, ... then please say something in a comment below or something, (it would really help if you guys did, ... anybody really, ..)

Armpits! OMG!
by: Anonymous

I can't believe I found this!!! Yea yea I'm SO ticklish under my armpits its sick! Just TOUCHING it light as a feather is SO ticklish! Its such a fear that I can't even believe it. Same as the other girls..if I'm sleeveless then forget it. I'm so afraid people are gonna tickle under my arms. I once raised my hand in 6th grade and was wearing a sleeveless top and a girl tickled my armpit and i screamed and the teacher yelled at me. I had a bf that had a tickle fetish and wouldn't stop tickling me under my arms. Even if i had a short sleeved top he would stick his hand in there and wiggle a finger and say 'tickle tickle tickle'. I'm SO afraid of being tickled there its sick!

Sympathetic 'Ler
by: Dan

What I see a lot of you talking about and making connections with is early childhood trauma which is where most of these type of phobias stem from.

I too was tickle tortured as a toddler by some teenage girls who used to come to visit once in a while.

They'd chase me around the house until they caught me then, they'd "dig in" with wriggling fingers and I'd start to laugh then, deliberately change it to a half-hearted cry at which point they'd pause and act confused.

This trick worked just long enough for me to escape and hide behind the couch where they couldn't reach me.

I never knew why I didn't like it unless maybe I was just overwhelmed, being so small and there being like three of them, each one about three times my size and they were just so... overly excited about doing it that it just SCARED me.
I mean they were so ravenous and crazily happy about it that it really creeped me out!

I think it also had to do with me being shy and not wanting anyone to have any control over my laughter. It was like some kind of trespass like someone coming on to your property and messing with your belongings without asking.

Anyway, I never found out who these girls were but, have been told that it might have been some particular cousins who delighted in doing this to other male cousins in our family over the years but, I'm still not sure if it was them or the daughters of some some family friend or whatever.

All I DO know is that this had an almost adverse reaction with me in that I developed a fascination for tickling, an unusual appreciation for the sensations that it produced and seeing it done to others whether in pictures, television or reality yet, I still retained a personal distaste for it if anyone wanted to do it to me, soon after this, I developed a foot fetish due to some other weird experience which also lead to me wearing my shoes more than usual for fear that someone would try to tickle my feet which had suddenly become a very private personal body part in my young mind.

It's funny how early experiences can get entangled as we grow and stay with us for years to come.

Anyway, I don't do the fetish thing anymore if I can help it.

Sure, the fascination and temptation is still there but, I don't do the forums anymore or draw the pictures, share ideas and read every story that I can find anymore as I'm trying to clean up my life and get right with Jesus Christ again.

For those who are going through rough times because of this, I'll pray for you and your situations.

God bless and good luck.

Tickling my armpits
by: Bell

Hi! I have little brothers whom I always play with then one day my brothers and I were playing tickle season then they tied me in the bed and then tickled me until I laugh really really loud and then I cried really loud then they stop.

Tickled all the time
by: Ema

My friends love to tickle me and I don't exactly hate it and not scared of it but I don't like when they team up and hold you down and I am afraid of them not knowing when to stop like when I ask. Or when someone stronger than me by a lot tickles me and won't let me say when to stop. My older sister is like that sometimes she gets carried away but usually only when she wants something from me and I guess usually I deserve it. But my older brother is better and he just does it for fun sometimes and he'll leave me alone if I ask him to. It's like a game for us where we tickle each other to try and get the other one to agree with whatever you're saying except he always either wins or I call it off I can barely get near him. He knows I don't like my feet tickled so he leaves me alone there but he's always tickling my belly and sides but lightly and slow so I don't get scared or mad or both. This is the way it should be I think I mean tickling when I say that not a torture game.

I hate it!
by: Anonymous

Hi, i am 16 and am really scared of being tickled. the other night my little brother and i were running around play fighting, when he held me down and said he was going to tickle me. i started screaming and crying and i begged him nnot to tickle me. he got scared cos i was having trouble breathing. i get really scared when someone says they will tickle me. they dont have to touch me and i am already crying. i really dont know what to do. i hate it so much. i just wish it would stop!!

I'm too ticklish on my back.
by: Anonymous

Because my back is so ticklish I have "never" known what it feels like to have a full body back massage. I am just too ticklish even when someone gently stroking with their finger tips around my back stroking ever so lightly makes me have to scream really really loud. MOst of the time I usually (when I'm being tied and tickled) that is it so ticklish I "have" to put my mouth in my pillow and scream!! But my main thing I want to ask is that since I am that ticklish on my back. Will I ever be able to get over my ticlishness and someday be able to really enjoy a full back massage. If any one can help please contact me.

ticklish me
by: Anonymous

my bf loves 2 tickle me coz he knows that i dont mind it! sometimes wen were cuddling on the sofa hell wrap his arms round me so i cant move and will wiggle his fingers up my sides in2 mypits and torture me 4 ages then hell lift up my top & blow rasberries on my belly&ticklemy belly button! he knows all my weak spots &loves 2 massage my feet&legs 2 see me squirm & beg4mercy! sometimes in the summer wen im wearin shortsleeved tops hell make me reach high 4 something & will sneak up behind me & tickle my pits

by: Anonymous

Well in preschool we were studying letters and we were on the letter T and Thats when kids started t******* each other now I'm freaked out by the word the action idk y but it's my secret.

Im the same
by: Anonymous

I have a lot of friends and 3 of them are fetish some of them just do it for fun but i just turned 13 and all of my friends are older than me they also know im very ticklish but i HATE it to death. one day i was talking to my friend and which by the way they say i talk a lot and to make me stop they poke my sides so as i was talking to her i didnt realize they were gettin tired of me talking so they were planning to let me in for it and all of the sudden they snuck up behind me and got my sides i screamed so loud they cracked up and started rolling on the floor i was so embarrassed and angry so ever since then they call it my 'weakness' this happpens everyday to me in gym class and occasionaly history

by: Anonymous

Believe me Ms Sherri I KNOW how you feel. I come from a family of 5 brothers and for some reason when I wear sleeveless tops or dresses they look at it like its open season for tickling my armpits!!!! From the time I was about 10 till I was 13 (I'm 18 now) they thought it was cute to hold me stretched out on my back and play little 'games' like dive bombing into my armpits. They knew that it was my weak spots and they used it against me. Now if a bf even TRIES to tickle me I bite him. I even cried one time when he threatened to tickle me there when I was hanging on a chin up bar.I'm not very ticklish on my feet and people never really tickle me there but the armpits must have a bullseye on them cause thats the spot they always get me.
Anyway I think its gotten to the point that I just don't wanna wear sleeveless anymore or keep my arms covered. I love having my arms bare for the summer but I have started to jump and get really paranoid when people even look at my armpits. I wish I could just relax about it.

hate it!
by: Anonymous

when i was young this family friend of ours would chase us around and catch us and tickle us. Although it was fun and games i was actually terrified because once he caught you it was like torture and you couldnt escape. it was so scary. to this day if i get tickled i just scream at the top of my lungs because it just freaks out the other person and makes them stop. i cant get massages or anything like that because i find it so ticklish which is annoying because i do a lot of dance and a massage would really help me recover. the thought of it just freaks me out. i hate it.

i hate being tickled
by: Anonymous

my boyfreind always tickles me if im upset or in a mood with him to make me smile and laf and at the time i really cant help it i tell him to stop as you dont even have to touch me if i no ur gonna tickle me it make me jump anyway i hate my sides and feet being touched and thats alway the first places he will go for what do i do ???????

Armpits OMG!
by: Ms Sherri

People know that tickling my armpits is like my biggest fear. In the summer I wear a lot of sleeveless clothes and people think it's funny to point at my armpit when my arm is up because it practically makes me cry. When I was about 11, one summer, these neighborhood boys all grabbed me (they were a little older) and held me to the grass and pulled my arms over my head. Then they started tickling me but when they saw how ticklish my armpits were they just tickled me there up and down my arms (I was wearing a sleeveless dress) for like 10 minutes! I was laughing my head off but I cried afterwards.
I think that's where I got a phobia for being tickled under my arms. My friends know to stay away (even though these tease me) but I'm still in school and sometimes if my arm is up a person that doesn't know this thing about me will still give my armpit a little tickle and they soon find out when they see me FREAK out! I don't want to stop wearing sleeveless clothes beacause I love them but this is really bad!

by: Anonymous

I really, dislike being tickled... It actually really hurts and annoys me when people do it. I've never really understood why people though tickling was a sign of affection...

My phobia
by: Anonymous

I also have this fear, when someone tickles me i begin to cry and freak out. Ex.) my friend was playing around with me and he knows i hate being tickled but he did i starteed to freka out cry and i punched holes in the walls and i feel that it is truely a reallly scary moment and i feel as if i will die

Tickle torture of a child
by: J's Mom

My daughter hates to be tickled. She's 7. I respect her wishes, and do not tickle her. Her brothers do not tickle her. The problem is that my ex spouse knows this is torture for her and tickles her at supervised visitation. The staff have been told of her aversion and do nothing to intervene. She fell trying to get away one time and hit her head. There was a prominent contussion on the back of her head. No one even offered ice, and thought it was all in fun. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to prevent this in the future. His lawyer is trying to laugh this out of court, but its really physically uncomfortable, even painful for her to be tickled. What should I do?

name please?
by: Anonymous

im scared shitless of people tickling my armpits
i laugh when it happens but i really dont like it
i cant sleep with my arms up or even scared to raise my hand in class. someone please name it! its just my armpits

by: Anonymous

i have this huge phobia of having my armpits tickled i don't know why but it's really annoying

Me too
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am afraid of beng tickled to. I cry and scream and kick. If I'm at a sleepover I can't sleep on my back I have to be on my side o stomach. Sometimes I get so paranoid that I wait until other people are asleep before I can sleep. Sometimes if I'm with someone I randomly cover my stomach and back up because I feel like they're going to tickle me. Although I can do hugs and other touching, enless they touch my stomach when they hug me. One of my best friends who is like a sister to me hugs me all the time, but she always touches my stomach and I get scared that she's gonna hug me when I see her.

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