Fear of being prodded????

Ok.. Every time I go to the doctors and they mention a needle or a throat culture I practically burst out into tears and I start hyperventilating and shaking. It's the same thing with the eye doctors! When they blow that puff of air in your eye I always freak out and hand my heAd away. Recently since I've been getting headaches, they've wanted to poke and prod me with needles even more!! But when I'm at the dentist and they numb me up with the shot, I'm perfectly fine!!!I'm almost 16 and every time I get my blood drawn they have to hold me down while I'm crying and screaming my head off! I'm so lost, my parents think I'm over reacting, but once I see those things it's like my scared 4 year old kid comes out!! I'm so lost and I have no idea what to do anymore. My mom keeps telling me that when I get pregnant in the far future it's only going to get worse. My fear of these things have halted any thoughts of having kids. I know I'm young but I like to plan out my future I guess. I'm just so scared.

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