Fear of being inside something inflatable/ Fear of mongooses/Acrophobia/Nyctophobia/fear of shots/phonophobia

by Joe L777

So, I'm afraid of heights, being inside inflatable stuff, the dark, shots, and mongooses. Yes, mongooses.
One time I had a dream that I was a secret agent delivering an important package to my friend Jason, when a mongoose curled around my foot and I fell and died. Ever since then, I've been afraid of mongooses.
At school, we had to go into an inflatable planetarium on the 5th floor, where the only light is constellations of mongooses. With loud noises. Just my luck. Anyways, I was freaking out. I thought that the thing was going to deflate and suffocate me.
Also, whenever I have to get a shot, I freak out and I'm scared to death.

Basically, if I was in a loud bounce house in the sky at midnight and it's filled with mongooses with doctors about to give me shots, I'd probably be so scared that I'd faint, fall out of the bounce house, and fall to my doom. Which is probably why I'm scared of it.

Oh, yeah, and I'm afraid of germs and dead things.

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