Fear of being in large crowds

by Marissa

Wow look at that crowd.

Wow look at that crowd.

I don't know if Agoraphobia is common or not, but I have had it for several years and it can be embarassing (as most fears are).

Whenever I am in a busy city or just somewhere where lots of people are walking or stopped together for whatever reason, anxiety sets in.

The feeling of all those people rubbing againt my body and not being able to get to where I want to go is so scary and I just want to get to an open area to be alone!

This summer I went to Paris and saw the Mona Lisa, but of course the room was FILLED with people wanting to see the tiny thing there. I stood for like an hour waiting to get closer to the painting with people pushing from behind and in front trying to get out as well.

I was so uncomfortable, my hands got sweaty, I was breathing faster, shaking, and about to cry right there. I just HATE being in a tight space with strangers, or even people I know.

I guess a have a very very small phobia of germs too...but I'm not claustrophobic because I could stand being in a tiny closet or bathroom without worrying. And yeah, being on the subway/metro/tube during rush hour there SUCKED.

The thing is, I don't know how to deal with this fear since I'm not in a situation like that every day. Anyone else have agoraphobia and can relate??

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