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by: Anonymous

Im also very scared of ex going to university. I avoid being there unless i have to. I guess im very afraid of being humiliated by fellow students, im actually kindof scared of people inmy own age due to some bad previousexperiences when it comes to relationships. When i know ill have to go to unverisity my heart starts beating, im getting symptoms of OCD . panickattacks and sweating. I tro to calm myself with differents thoughts but it dosnt really helt at all....the hard part is that it dosnt seem to faid away.the fear keeps coming and destroyinf my mind....:( :( im adjustingmylife to this: im going out when its dark (people wont see me aswell), im studying at home, im never taking the bus, cycling at calmrodes... the list could go onand on....i dont know if im disturbed butat least i do have aproblem.

Whats wrong with me?
by: Anonymous

Okay, so I'm scared of being on a Virtual world, You know where there's Avatars and stuff where You talk to other avatars, It's cool abit like, IMVU? Yeah well i feel nervous in what my Avatar is wearing like, it has to be better than everyone elses, Otherwise i think im being judged, I hide in my appartment on this virtual world.. I can't leave it.. I'm scared dunno why But I think it's not normal.. My family all think i have agraphobia..? Someone help me :/ Please i can't communicate in real, Only to my family members. But on this Virtual world. it just feels crowded and that i'm being judged also.. I can't make Conversation on it. I have to hide behind fake account's because i feel more comfortable of people not knowning who i am. It's not funny, Really.. anyone else with this Problem? I mean it's like.. I'm the only one out of millions of users that does this. I probably am. They all talk have laughs, I like it quite on it. But that's when all my friends are off it.. then it's no Fun! I need help. :S

by: Anonymous

Same here... i cant bare being in places where there are large crowds of people. I hate being touched by people, even my own parents. I cant go to dances bc there too crowded and there so hands on. I cant do normal everyday things without feeling uncomfortable from the people around me. I always feel like people are judging me everywhere I go. I recently went to the mall and had a panic attack because of the large amount of people. But im glad to know im not the only one out there who feels this way.

social anxiety
by: mike

I read some of the comments and its good to see that im not the only one feeling and going through the same things as me. Its hard for me to be around a large group of people. I get very anxious and nervous. This condition makes it hard to read aloud in class or go to the mall unless im with a friend or two. I hate being this way because I can't do normal everyday things that normal people can do. It got to the point where i had to be drunk just to numb it down and deal with it. I slowed down a lot but im still dealing with this issue. Im wondering if anyone out there with the same condition can help. I live in LA, anyone know of some kind of support group or anything?

Award Ceremonies
by: Anonymous

I enjoy going to award ceremonies, especially when my my kids or i get awarded. I too, just sitting down in an area where there are a ton of people, i get really agitated, palms get sweaty, and my breath rate increases and i feel like i want to get out of there as fast as i can. My psychiatrist says that Agoraphobia, along with most other phobias, can be caused when you are outside of your "comfort zone."
Thanks for writing about this, it really helps me understand other peoples ability to deal with this.

Same Here
by: Courtney (Coco)

I have the same problem and im a ninth grade freashmen in an over populated high school. Everyday I move through the halls in a cluster of people, unable to move, being touched, and constantly stared at...How I handle it is...

1. Ask the teacher if i could leave early to avoid the major crowded hallways
2.If im caught in a crowd I put my head down, take a deep breath, and push my way through till i have room to breathe.

Panic Attacks
by: Suzie

My major problem is line of sight and lack of an escape route. This usually happens in large crowds. If I do not have a visible escape route and a clear line of sight, I freak out. Quietly of course, since it's usually public, but that can be very embarrassing for me, a teenager. Since I currently live in the country, I'm usually fine, but school trips often put me in situations where I have a panic attack, and i enjoy school trips. Any suggestions?

by: nathanael

I have it bad some time
I live in a flat in the city and when it hits me just before I go out I tend to stay at my home and try to relax one time it got bad I was at a bus stop in the city centre near my flat and I felt like I needed to pee this is usually the case but I know I don't need to go but it feels like it so all the people around me freaks me out its like I can hear every one talking and I think its about me but I cant hear there exact words and then I feel like what's wrong with me is there some think on me then were ever I look some one looks back and were ever else I look I feel stupid I tried riding my bike instead but it got so bad that on my way some were I couldn't take it and had to turn around and go home I felt like I needed to pee and that all the people were looking and talking about me I got home went in my room laid down and cried about it I even called my sister and told here I couldn't take it
I think the feeling to pee thing is just when you think every one is looking you start to feel all your body and zoom in on sir tan things just like if you were afraid of spiders you would think you can feel them on you
Any way any help its getting harder and harder to leave my home and I need to work and do other stuff I want to live in the country side for the open spaces I hate the city with a passion

different type of crowd fear
by: Anonymous

My 14 year old son is fearful of crowds in a social setting. I don't think its the typical phobia you are all describing. When he is in a small group of kids (5 max) he can socialize and be happy. When there are more, he could be with a life time friend and still not be able to talk or respond to anyone talking to him. It's the social aspect of fear of crowds and I have not read anything about that. Anyone else experience anything like that?

I can relate.
by: Anonymous

There are many times when I have school (I'm 14) and we have pep-rallies or something when everyone in high school gather. I start feeling sick, and anxiety sets in.

For a way to deal with it, I found out that music is a great way to deal with it. Bring or buy an mp3 player and play either really soothing music or some of your favorites. It tends to work for me.

Although it may be JUST me, but at least try. I feel better.

Enochlophobia or Agoraphobia
by: Steve M

a great example of Agoraphobia is Jodi Foster in Nim's Island. she couldn't function outside her home.

Where Enochlophobia is the fear of large crowds, which I have, for me it is not debilitating thank God I have had some moderate success in controlling my fear, while at time I feel the crush of the crowd and need to escape NOW, prime example is the New York Fireworks this year. The crowds around me set me off and I had to leave literaly pushing people out of my way, at 6ft plus and 300lbs people who saw me coming stepped out of my way.

at least we are functional with our phobias and I'm jelous you got to see the mona lisa..


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