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What's it called?
by: Anonymous

I didn't really notice my fear was weird until my friend carried me and I became scared and started screaming, I scream everytime but once, because I had just sprained ankle and I was crying over that. There should be a name for our phobia, who's with me?

by: Anonymous

Same with me. I hope i can find a way to get out of this fear because everytime my boyfriend is trying to carry me. I scream and not let him

me to
by: Anonymous

I have the same fear. I hate it and scream kick what ever it takes to be put back down.

fear of being carried
by: cynthia

if im picked up i scream and hit and kick and bite.

what is this called?
by: Anonymous

All of the other phobias have a particular name.

So i was wondering what is this phobia's name?

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