Fear of being alone

i think fear being alone at first i thought it was more specific as in being completely alone like feeling like ur the last person on earth but as im getting older im starting to realize its bigger than that i hate going places by myself and when i do go by myself i tend to feel really nervous i always have to take someone with me i feel nervous when im home at night by myself. the biggest time i noticed is when me and my boyfriend got in to a fight at a hotel at the beach i went outside to take a breather and im calm by the time i come in i see hes not on the bed well then i start to panic then i check the bathroom not there either then i have a full break down i start hyperventilating and cant move when he came back which was only a few mins he just went outside to take a breather too i almost spontaneously got better. i even hate driving because of the fact im usually by myself

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