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trust yourself to be enough
by: Anonymous

Everyone has the fear. There is power in numbers. That is true, but stop. Breath in and out. Look in the mirror you have the power to move your mouth, your hands, your legs. You do that. If you can move your body with thought. Perhaps, just maybe you can move the world around you. And if that is true. You my friend are the author of the story. You can have whatever you want, as long as you do it with respect and love of others. Trust yourself to write a wonderful life for yourself. Fall in love with yourself and loving someone else and having them love you is just a bonus and not a neccesity. Just a thought. Smile you are wonderful,and having a grand adventure.

There is nothing worse than being alone with someone else.
by: Anonymous


You are your own best friend, you have to live with yourself all the time. Learn to love your self as the Bible says we are to do.
Also, I knew someone who was desprite for a man in her life. She one night picked up the wrong man..
Her Mom found her murdered in her apartment the next day.

Please be careful. The right one will come along.

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