Do You Suffer From
Fear Of Being Alone?

Fear of being alone
People who want to stay encircled all the time are specifically those who suffer from being alone fear. Such people always feel comfortable in the company of others.

They like to attend parties, they like to be with friends and expect attention from all their loved ones.

Fear of being alone is also known as autophobia or fear of solitude. However, the condition is also popularly known as isolaphobia and monophobia. When you suffer from this particular phobic condition you lack that essential guts or confidence.

You are unable to stay alone anywhere on earth. At times people take advantage of the phobic condition of a monophobic individual and make him stay in solitude to irritate him and make fun of his situation.

However, such an occurrence can make the phobic individual suffer from unfavorable panic attacks.

If you are a victim of monophobia then quite naturally you may come across the question that how did this particular phobia develop?

It may be so that when you were a child your parents had locked you up in a room for long hours out of penalization and after this no one could save you from suffering from relentless incidents of panic attacks along with symptoms like nausea, sweating, rapid breathing and irregular heartbeat.

However, to get rid of that past unpleasant memory you avoid being alone all the time. Such a phobia prevents you from walking along a lonely lane and you are always in search of busy streets and bazaars.

Most men and women desire to enter a relationship because they don't want to stay lonely in life.

However, the basis of any relationship shouldn't be a fear or else the relation will tend to turn unhappy and unfulfilling in the long run.

At times this particular fear form becomes so intense that you prefer to stand with a crowd, which you know is not perfect.

Monophobia indulges a growth of insecurity within you. When you have this fear you can't stay alone at all.

You always need someone at your side. If you have fear of being alone you will automatically hate to be unloved and neglected.

Some physiological symptoms of fear of being alone

  • You tend to sweat a lot

  • Your mouth becomes dry

  • You at times shake violently

  • You cannot speak or think clearly

  • You lose control over your psyche

  • You cannot breathe properly

  • You are far from reality and you experience full blown anxiety attacks

  • You have nausea and sickness

  • Your heart starts beating fast

  • You fear that you may die at any moment

Treatment of monophobia
You can treat fear of being alone with drugs and medication options. However, there is doubt about the effectiveness of drugs.

They come with side effects and do no promise a permanent cure of the condition.

Treating fear of being alone with self help NLP techniques
Self-help NLP technique makes you understand the essence and the comfort of spending time with your own self.

Once you are able to master the art of staying alone, you can achieve heights in relationships in life. NLP self help methods help you in creating reality and avoiding situations of monophobia.

You are able to reprogram your metal “constructs” and successfully eliminate all possibilities of the fear of being alone in life.

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