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I hate it
by: Anonymous

I stay up all night watching videos because I'm sometimes afraid to go to sleep. Whenever I'm alone and it's silent my head starts racing on what might happen to me. I'm 15 years old and I can't even go to bed without my lamp on. I also have to watch something before going to bed to get my mind off of all the things that might happen

I cry in dark
by: Adara

whenever i m alone in dark i start crying due to fear. It always feels someone's there watching me. I start hallucinating and literally it's getting worse. No one believed me but it's relieving to find so many like me...

I also have a fear of the dark
by: Anonymous

Once when I was a small child in bed at night, I saw a black silhouette of some ominous entity slowly walk across the room and stop at the foot of my bed. I was paralyzed in fear but managed to gather the courage to scream for my mom. When she ran in and turned on the light, it vanished. I never saw it again but the fear from that night still haunts me to this day. I'm now 20 years old and find myself only able to sleep during the day. As soon as the sun goes down and I'm alone in my dark room I'm filled with fear, sometimes even paralyzed by it. Most of the time I leave my tv on but I still get scared even keeping my eyes closed for too long because I'm scared of what might be looking back at me when I open them. As you can imagine it's had some pretty bad effects on my health as I am always tired and lacking energy. It is not only a fear of being in my own room but literally anywhere that is too dark. However I have noticed that if I am with a family member or a trusted friend I am not afraid.

;-; I cri.
by: CyndolHall

So, ever since I was six years of age, (after I first watched ghost hunters) my mind has been corrupted. I had never been exposed to that kind of thing... so it basically opened up a new dimension of my mind. A new train of thought. Some might say I have the darkest mind of any 12 year old girl... life hasn't been very easy since then. I can't be in the dark, ESPECIALLY not alone. And this is kinda shitty for me also because my room has a slider door closet with a door inside of it witch leads to my brothers room which is in the garage. It's not insulated so it's cold AF so he never uses his room for anything. Which leaves me in what feels like a dungeon, plus I have a window that you can open but on the other side of it is a closed off section of the house... Scary as... never mind. :p so I obviously don't want to sleep in there, let alone GO in there, even in day. So I have to sleep out in the living room which is scary as well because we have such big windows and also in alone in the dark. Please help me. ' ^ ' I am afraid of being killed when I'm alone at both day and night. But when I am with someone I feel as though I'm among the safest of all. Is what to do, I am also scared of things that shouldn't exist, like the rake, or pretty much any other creepy pasta or S.C.P. Which also eliminates my will to go outside alone at all. Please. What. Do. I. Do? I'm crying, now.

The secret will be kept a secret
by: Keith

I have a fear of being alone in the dark which is called Nyctophobia.I always intent to freak out and start to shiver whenever I'm in the dark, by myself.Finally my parents realized my phobia and found a solution to my phobia.I'm not going to tell you the secret.

You're not alone.
by: Anonymous

As we can see, none of us are alone. I am 26, going on 27 and I hate sleeping alone in the dark or being alone in the dark. I have 1-2 lights on every time I have to sleep alone, one on each side of the room. I just can't do it. I'm sure it has something to do with my over active mind. I don't mind the darkness that much when I'm with someone I trust or when I'm alone during the daytime, but I still can't find an actual word for this fear.

Worst feeling ever!!!!
by: mario

Whenever i am alone in the dark, ifeel like there is someone or something else in the room i am unaware of of. I also feel like i am being watched from behing, so i always have my back twords the wall. I am only eleven years old and I feel as if this is going to be happening to me for the rest of my life.

I am just glad i can share my phobia with other people who share this with me.

It's gotten so bad...
by: Anonymous

I thought that I was the only one, legitimately.

I've had this fear ever since I can recall.

I am 19 years old and it still affects me, and is getting worse by the day.

It got to the point where a friend texted me at 3AM just saying "Hello" and I thought that if I texted back I would hear the phone ring in my room.

Every time I'm either outside alone in the dark, or alone in a house / in my dorm at night (especially during breaks), I have panic attacks.

I'm glad I'm not the only one. It's such a relief.

thats a relief
by: Meg

I would always get penalized form my parents for leaving a tv or a light on at night...I am 17 and deathly afraid of the dark...I dont know why but I cant open my eyes in the dark and my senses are hightened soo much that i feel and hear things and if i were to open my eyes I would see hesitant still if im with someone else so i use "watching tv till I sleep" as an excuse..
Ive recently had a death close to the family,. someone i was personally close to and it has only made this worse. even in the day if a room is dark and there is very very minimal to no light source, I can go in.

im glad im not the only one and I hope it's not an irrational fear..I really want to know the name for it.

by: Brianna

Recently, probably within the last year, I have become afraid of being alone in the dark. I share a room with my little sister and I am perfectly fine when she sleeps in there, but when she sleeps on the couch or is staying at someone else's house I'm scared that something might get me or happen to me. I have to sleep with the door open and the hall light on. I hate this because in the morning I get woken up by my dad talking loudly on the phone early in the morning. It's usually just before I fall asleep that I am scared, once I actually fall asleep I wouldnt mind being alone in the dark.

this is still getting me
by: Anonymous

i hate f being alone in the dark is like hell to me but i really hate big crowds its so confusing

thank you!!
by: alli

i thought i was so weird because i hate the dark when im alone especially outside if im alone walking in the dark i have to be talking on the phone and i always will have a pocket knife with me. I hate just opening my door to let the dog inside when its dark out. I freak out when im home alone and its dark out. But im happy im not completly alone on this..

Still fighting it
by: Anonymous

Me too guys. I'm 21 years old and recently married, so I don't have to be alone that often at night anymore. But when my Soldier husband leaves for deployments or training exercises, I'm on my own again, like tonight.

It's probably connected to the night terrors I had as a little girl. It's been a few years since I've had a panic attack, but I still get the racing pulse, sweating, anxiety, faster breathing, intrusive thoughts, etc. And it snowballs- if I don't try to stop it right away the fear grows, and it's harder to mentally intervene.

The good news is, there is help out there, including for adults! See a school counselor or therapist,ask about medication, research, get a self-help book. If you have panic attacks, SEE A THERAPIST before starting relaxation techniques.

by: Anonymous

I am the same exact way. If I'm staying by myself then I have to atleast keep the bathroom light on or do the whole run and jump in the bed thing lol. always thought it was just me.

God, I thought I was the only one!
by: Ben

I'm 31 and am terrified every night if I have to go to bed alone. It's to the point where I dread having to go to bed at all, and I always have at least one light on. Thanks for making me not feel like I was the only one.

by: Anonymous

I am also super afraid of the dark if Im alone. In my grandmas house I cant stand being alone anywhere if its even twilight out. In our newest house, I was so afraid of the bedroom that I couldnt even go in it in the daytime. But im not sure its normal for me to be afraid of a room in light.

Now I feel better...
by: Anonymous

I'm almost sixteen, and I'm a pretty outspoken individual, but I nearly pee myself when I'm alone in the dark. Like right now: it's 9:07, and I have EVERY light in the house on, the TV on, music, and I'm talking super loud. I am so afraid of it, my friends think I joke around. I was doing something in a closed-off room in the library at school last year when the power went out, and I literally bodyslammed the door open. I had to pay for it, but I did it. I had a friend at the other end of the library, and when the lights came back on, he looked pretty shocked to see me cry. I only freak out like that if I'm alone for an extended period, or if I'm alone in the dark. :(

by: Anonymous

wow i thought i was alone ha i guess not!

Thought I was alone in this
by: Anonymous

Me TOO!!! I start screaming if im alone in the dark. If there is someone else in their with me im okay but when they leave, I don't want to talk about it .

I really thought I was alone
by: Anonymous

I've found fear of the dark and fear of being alone but never both. I wonder if they can only be two seperate fears. But seriously, I totaly freak out in the dark when I'm alone because I start imagining whats there in the dark. Oh, and this is kinda weird but black is my favorite color and I'm not a very social person.

I'm glad I'm not alone.
by: Anonymous

I'm so glad that I am not alone. People also make fun of me for it. My old job at Arbys they once locked me in the cooler and shut the light off (The light switch is one the outside) because they thought I was making it up. They finally let me out like 20 minutes later but I was in a corner, holding my knees, crying, and having a panic attack. Needless to say they never did that again. But I feel better knowing I'm not the only one.

my room
by: Anonymous

I'm 15 and i still don't want to sleep in my in my room without someone with me or without a light..its kindda embarrassing. please help me!

I understand!
by: Anonymous

I know exactly how you feel! Whenever I walk my dog at night, if I am at least not speaking to some one on the phone I start crying and having series of small asthma attacks. its horrible! Does this fear have a name?

Someone Finally understands
by: Anonymous

OMG someone is finally with me! i looked it up on google caus when i opened up my front door ALONE i start having panick attackes and oh i hate it so much i cant even go in a room where there is no lights and i have to turn everything on, the air con my music the TV and its soooo annoying but when sumone else is there im fine ? i would like to know if there is a name for a Fear of being alone in the dark plz get back

by: Anonymous

I know how you feel.
When I was little, I was deathly afraid of the dark. As I got older, (late teens) I would be fine as there was someone else with me. I was a camp counselor too, so that experience eventually helped me be okay in 80% of situations. I still find myself being uncomfortable in some places that are especially dark or unfamiliar, and I might run through a room quickly if its dark and Im alone.

I am with you girl
by: Kassi

You are not alone. I too have an intense fear of being alone in the dark. If I am with someone else I am totally fine, but by myself its a whole different story. Although I have made some strides this summer. I worked as a counselor and I was able to walk alone in the dark. But I have a theory that I knew I wasnt alone because there were campers and units all around so technically I wasn't "alone".

But as I get older am able to sleep with a dimmer and dimmer night light. I started out with a 40 watt bulb now am down to a 4 watt night light.

by: Anonymous

somebody else who has the same fear as me. i know for a fact its just my imagination gone wild yet i cant help but fall for the fear of it. =/

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