Fear of being alone at home in dark

by Prakash
(Bangalore, India)

Hi, I have a typical phobia. If I am alone at home in the night, I close my bedroom door and keep the light on while sleeping. If the door is open, I always fear someone would come. That would be some baddy who will hurt me. There is no problem in open space in the dark. But once inside the home, I have the fear someone will going to kill me now, and no-one can help as the main door of the home is now closed. But once inside the bedroom locking the door from inside I feel safe. Can't even switch off the light, as someone would appear in that darkness. Just if someone else is with me, just my 10 year old daughter with me, I am 43 now, I feel safe. Can you explain me why this is so. Prakash, praviva at yahoo.com

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