Fear of bees, wasps and hornets

It is too the point now that I can't even eat honey. Knowing that it comes from an animal that I am so afraid of. I think the fear started when I was a little child. Someone was doing research in my hometown on Giant Hornets, which were not native to my area and they got out and started to infest the neighborhood. The first time I saw one was in my fathers shed as I went to get a bike out. Let me remind you that these things are huge and for a little kid much much bigger. It was flying by the window of the shed and it turned its head and looked right into my eyes. For what felt like a lifetime this thing stared me down until I ran out of the shed in tears craying for my mother. Animal control later came into the neighborhood and eradicated the Hornets, after some neighbors were severly hurt by them.

I must say i am not afraid of being stung, in regards to feeling the pain. I hate more of how they look. Their eys and body shape and color. To have it's stinger lodged into my skin, part of its body, would upset me to know end. From small little Honey Bees to Giant Hornets the fear seems to be the same.

I have difficulty in the summer time with being outside during a cookout with the bees and yellow jackets that fly around. It is unfortionatly upsetting. I also have bad dreams about them on a regular basis, being attacked by a bee... :(

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