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phobia name
by: Anonymous

Theres Japophobia, fear of japanese people

Not a phobia.
by: Anonymous

I don't think this is a phobia, more like a feeling of intimidation...or your just creeped out by guys who look like girl. I myself love Japanese men, <3. I love androgeny(sp).

Really unique
by: Rits

Are you sure it's a phobia? Do you suffer from anxiety because of it? Does it cause your heart to race in fear or because they are attractive? I know alot about japanese culture but I know nothing of the fear you have. Maybe it is a fear of inadquecy or knowing osmething is prettier than you? Also why does their sexual orientation play a role in this? If this fear is strong enough to affect your daily life then I think you should see someone because it is a unique fear that can't be cured at a therapy group or with treatment online. I hope some one can help you with this because a fear that unique is serious your less likely to receive treatment!!

by: Paty

I think they can look a bit scary when they have that kind of "perfect" beauty. So flawless you seem to find them unnatural. I like watching them like a piece of art but I wouldn't want them as boyfriends ^^U.

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