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Toilet Terror
by: Tabitha

I am terrified
of the toilet in bathrooms out in public. Even at home if mine starts running and won't stop I freak out on my husband. The toilet in the bathroom is my phobia object!
Forget about going in a bathroom with dim lights,
no way! I freaked out on a friend of mine one day, we went in a public bathroom that had about four stalls, the stall doors were blood red, a trigger color for me.
My friend said that I went away and a little child came out, a multiple part of my mind, she talked to the child, I remember everything looking different, like I became smaller, I felt smaller. I felt like a little four year old.

Me too
by: Crystal

i have the same fear except my fear is because i feel like i'm being watched. i check everything when i go into a strange bathroom. if there are drains or vents around my area i can't go. i also only go with the lights off (after i've done my checks). i don't know how to stop it but i'm looking!

Bathroom Phobia
by: Anonymous

Hi I also have a fear with small spaces in the bathroom. I usually go to one that has more space. I have the germphobia. I have a major saliva phobia!!! I get anxiety if I have to hear a stranger going to the restroom or going if I know someone can hear me. The bathroom is an awful anxiety trigger for me. I worry about their being no seat covers, paper, etc... The list can go on!! I worry about having to see something gross in the open! But I totally relate to the small space thing. I feel enclosed like I can't get out. I was stuck in a stall when I was a child and like my cousins had experienced before too-crawling underneath one to get the heck out! I don't like feeling stuck! It's the worst. You are probably much better then me with the tight spaces but I hate that too!

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