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Similar bathroom fears
by: Anonymous

I have a similar fear of bathrooms - mine or anyone else's- but I ascribe that fear to waking up in the recovery room after an operation when I was a child. I suspect that the appearance of tiles and clean white surfaces brings back those memories and that fear. Also, the way that the bathroom echoes and magnifies sound is a problem for me: I find that being unable to locate exactly where a sound came from, or to recognise it because of the way the sounds from outside the room can be distorted by the echoes in the bathroom, extremely disconcerting.

by: Anonymous

Mines plug holes, i cannot physically get in the bath or shower if there isnt something like a towel or flannel covering the plug hole. I cant think why i feel like this but its terrible it actualy makes me cringe and freak out so much. Especially when i see in films or programes people in the bath with there clothes on and there just sitting there, i have to look away i dont understand it

I have been going through this for years
by: Anonymous

OMG I have been going through this for years. I've had the reoccuring dreams about cracked tiles and a maze of toilets. Im okay at home usually, but I just moved into a new apartment and I cant stand the bathroom. Its tiny and cramped and the tile on the floors, shower, and around the sink is dark grey, so it makes the room feel smaller. Its getting worse. Last night I actually had a panic attack. I want to move, but I just signed a year lease and I dont want to have to move again. Im afraid I will never be the same again. Because the phobia's worsened,when I have to use the restroom, I feel dirty for hours after going into that bathroom.

Has anyone overcome this and how?

by: Anonymous

I have the exact same fear, except I'm scared of all bathrooms including mine at home. I used to make my
Mom go in there with me when I had to use the toilet or take a bath or shower. I'm just terrified of bathrooms.

Bathroom Fears
by: Jeff

My fiance' is also afraid of bathrooms, she does ok at home, and can shower as long as there is music going. But has a really hard time in public bathrooms. like what others have said she also has to wait until there are others in the bathroom before she will go. And in unisex bathrooms I go into them with her to ease her fears.

From what I've seen it's not something that goes away.

Nonetheless I am very supportive of her and I make sure not to make light of her fear.

by: Anonymous

Im fine with bathrooms in normal life but Ive had recurring dreams since I was very young of oversized, dirty bathrooms with cracked tiles and iron fittings - i wake up sweating with my heart racing. Sometimes the bathrooms form a maze and every door just leads into another one. I dont know if this connected to everyone else's fears but its disturbed me for years.

Me too
by: Anonymous

Our stories are more or less the same, except, for one detail. I know where my fear originates from. When I was only young, my mum's friend was babysitting us and she begun telling us all about this horror film set in a bathroom. She then went on to show us the trailer (which I can barely remember). Having already had an aversion to horror films, it has made a huge imprint on my life. I cannot use the shower and only have baths. This is a problem that my parents don't understand and are frustrated at my fondness for baths. I have no idea why but the tub is my refuge, if you will. If it's late at night then I grab my tooth brush and paste and clean my teeth in the landing, often hopping back for water and to spit. In addition to this, I cannot lock the door, no matter what I'm doing. The only time I ever do is when I'm shaving because I don't want my family seeing that pretty sight. I feel for everybody who's commented but is there ANY advice you can give?

I Wish I Knew Why
by: Anonymous

I had this problem too. Back when I was 10 years old I had eerie dreams about public washroom, like it's all dim or dark and the feeling there's something evil there (only for public washrooms). The darker and more isolated the washroom, the worse. But then again, I did have anxiety and depression problems. Even now at age 19, I get shudders thinking back. I wish I knew why.

by: Crystal

MY god I thought I was alone being afraid of bathrooms. I plug holes. Check inside cabinets. I will walk in and out of a stall in a public bathroom over and over until I find one that feels right. Crazy

by: Anonymous

i freak out of bathrooms in general, plugholes especially, and mirrors.

Me too
by: Anonymous

Ever since i was very little i was terrified of bathrooms. it's not necessarily the bathroom, its flushing toilets. When i was little i would have m mom go in and flush it for me but i't gotten worse over the years. i usually try to go in and out and sometimes avoid washing my hands. Although i do it after in the kitchen. Public bathrooms are even worse, and after some friends talking about Bloody Mary i just cant do it. I have nightmares about it and i haven't looked in the mirror of my bathroom since. Please help! I also would like to know the name.

what the eff
by: Anonymous

what the eff, me toooo!!!!!!!! ugh

by: FallenAngel

omg i thought i was the only person who felt this.... now i dont feel so stupid lol... anyone know how to make it go away?

I have something similar...
by: Xena

I am terrified of flushing toilets. I dont know why but I just completely freak out

I have something similar. :)
by: SkyAoiSora

Hey, I've got something pretty similar. What I have the most trouble with is public washrooms, and washrooms that don't have BOTH a fan and a lock. I guess me it's more the fear of people listening in on me, or walking in on me. It's pretty silly, but like, I've gone to the restroom and come back and been told I'm really warm and a little damp. So... there's obviously something there. But yea, you're not alone :P :3

me to!
by: Anonymous

i am terrified of bathrooms, what is the phobia called?

Hey we all have it.
by: Anonymous

I have had it too since i was young.I hate going into bathrooms alone especially when there is a fan going. I cant stand the noise. I usually try to go when other people do and rush out as fast as i can. I also have a fear that the light will go out when im in there. And seeing that in the past my siblings would turn out the lights when i was in there it has only worsened it. I try my best to use friends houses, or go in with a group. Most people prob think nothing of it but it can get pretty bad. Does anyone know the name of the phobia. I would like to know.

me too!
by: Anonymous

I thought I was the only one!
I have not found a cure for it.
I just kinda talk to myself or force someone to go in with me.

i have the same problem
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem. any help anyone

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