Fear of bananas

I am terrified of bananas. There, I said it! Obviously, this is a problem when I sit with a bunch of friends where at least 2 of them eat a banana every day! Instead of being considerate they say "oh georgina, please put my banana peel in the bin!" and laugh when I scrunch my eyes up and curl into a ball. Made worse by the fact that if one of them Picks up a banana peel then my instant reaction is to jump up and run as far away as I can. I told my sister and she STILL can't let it drop! I told her and she still won't believe it! There was a programme on about random phobias and bananaphobea was on it! Instantly she looked up and said " oh georgina has that phobia!" (smirk smirk) on our way to Portugal, my mum brought some bananas for snacks. I had been too scared to tell her about my fear of bananas, so I took the banana (holding it from the top so I had to touch as little as possible!) and burst into tears! I was terrified! It's rediculous! Is only a banana! People tell me. Haha, say that to someone whose scared of spiders and when they dissagree it's perfectly normal, what's so different about bananas?

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