Fear of Balls

by LisaRose

I am 14 girl in 9th grade and just found out I am dathly affraid of balls in gym class. You see all throughout middle school I was a ball magnet, so I think that some how turned into this phobia. I have no idea what it's called though I've been trying.

Yesterday we were playing soccer in gym class and the ball just kept coming at me, and it hit my quit a few times (ball magnet), then I started hyperventilating and sweating, and i could feel my heart pounding and I wanted to cry, then I DID cry, it even became so bad that I would freak at the sound of the ball hitting the wall. Then gym was over and we went to get changed and I was feeling really week so I sat down and just lost it.

I curled into a ball (ironic right) and just closed my eyes and I was crying and all of the above, I just went into total brain shut-down I couldn't think. The teacher came over and everyone was suronding me and they all said I was having an anxiety attack. Every one kept asking me what was wrong and if I was ok and thats when I realized I was shaking and I couldn't speak.

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