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Fear of Balloons Popping

Fear of balloons popping is a very common form of irritation and can be categorized as fear of loud noises or ligyrophobia.

Such noises seem unpleasant more because of their suddenness or unexpected occurrences.

For instance, after a period of complete silence if you suddenly hear loud music you would obviously get startled and feel irritated and angry. After this, you will not feel like listening to any other music.

Fear of balloons popping or ligyrophobia is quite a common phenomenon very often disrupting the normal life of an individual.

For example when you watch a person blowing up a balloon beyond its normal capacity you feel very disturbed because you don’t exactly know when the balloon is going to burst and make sound like an explosion.

Some of the typical symptoms of ligyrophobia include:

  • Short durational breathing

  • Frequent and speedy breathing process

  • Inconsistent heartbeat

  • Unfavorable tendency of perspiring

  • A feeling of sickness or queasiness

  • An alarming and anxious sensation

Ligyrophobia is an obvious creation of the unconscious mind as a form of a protective mechanism. In order to keep yourself aloof from such a situation you tend to attach horrible feelings to loud noises.

You start thinking that avoidance is the best and safest way to rid from such uncanny feelings in life. However, this is the most imperfect method of self-analysis and provides no exact solution to your problem, thus making the condition worse than before.

Now, it is possible to get rid of this typical fear by providing a proper (NLP) training to your unconscious mind.

Once trained, the unconscious mind starts connecting the mind to different optimistic feelings to the main stimuli, which originally activates and generates the phobia.

In an attempt to get rid of the fear of balloons popping, once the unconscious mind feels safe and learns the technique to respond properly to negative situations, it starts showing signs of positive results.
Such results are truly permanent, eradicating all possibilities of the recurrence of the fear.

However, the entire self help process of eliminating the particular fear of balloons popping or the fear of loud or unpleasant noises requires no more than 10 minutes a day.

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Posted by Jan Heering
Phobia Treatment Expert and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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