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Overcoming the fear of an attic.
by: Stewart

I just wanted to share my own experience of this fear. When I was a child, our house had four attic rooms that were unused. They still had old fashioned gas-lamp fittings and cast iron fireplaces in them. My mother would dry laundry in one when days were rainy. My father kept tools and other stored items in another.
I always had the feeling of a presence up there and I was profoundly afraid. If I was left alone there, or my mother had asked me to go upstairs and bring her something, it was a really scary ordeal. The way I found to cope with it was by singing, humming and whistling. That seemed to quell the fear. It was almost as if the singing and so forth offered some protection from the sense of threat and unease. I always felt that it was like a malevolent presence abiding there. Many nights I would lie in my bed, one floor below, quivering, chilled or sweating with fear, as I listened to the creaks of floorboards and the sounds of the attic on a windy or stormy night.Once or twice, I truly felt as if footsteps were creeping down the stairs and then, peering in the darkness, my bedroom door would appear to move and I was terrified. The fear lessened as I got older, though many times, in dreams, I still, regularly return to that place, that house, which is re-invented each time in a multiplicity of ways.
I am a musician. I have had a particularly fruitful, creative period over the past 3 years and this is culminating in the release of my second album, which is called ATTIC FEVER. It will be released on all formats in the next few weeks. I am sure that given the background to it, you may be interested in how this fear in my formative years has manifested as a positive experience to share. Fear can be, and inevitably does become, transmuted into a sense of beauty and freedom through creative expression. I trust that this helps you greatly. The album, if you are interested will be available on i-tunes and amazon etc. for download. Do watch out for it and tell your friends if you like it. I hope that you will. Best wishes,

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