Fear of Anesthesia

One day, at your run of the mill orthidontics appointment, I discovered my fear of anesthesia.

My orthodontist (a nice guy, nobody I would ever be afraid of)had to take some molds of my teeth, and I could not stop gagging the disgusting runny gunk up and spitting it out all over Doc.

Finally, he walked away and returned shortly with a small bottle. He unlocked the spray cap, almost as if loading a gun, while saying "Just gonna put a squirt of numb spray down there..." as the nozzle approached my mouth, my stupid instincts kicked in, and they were telling me " Hey man, I don't like this... STOP THAT BOTTLE!" On that wim, my hand shot out, intercepting the bottle on its journey to my potato trap.

For a couple of seconds, Doc and I just sat there looking at our hands on the en route bottle, mine pushing away, his pushing towards. I smiled sheepishly, and we continued the appointment, without the numb spray.

If anybody out there has a good name for this phobia, please put it in your review

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