Fear of All That Lives In Water

by Natalia

I have no reason to feel so, but ever since I was a kid I couldn't stand aquatic life. It started out when my parents bought a goldfish; I wouldn't dare go closer to the bowl than two meters. Then I noticed that reptiles, amphibians and even algae have begun to unnerve me. My distaste of those things began to change into phobia and one day I realized that the smallest, tiniest little black fish-like things at the shores of a beach swimming in water terrify me and cause me to just sit in the shadow of my umbrella. It doesn't matter to me whatever the hell it is or what it is; as long as I associate it with water, so long will I be terrified of it. My grandparents own an outdoors water-eye(or a pool, whatever you call it in english) where they have fish and occasional frogs, and I always refuse to help them clean it, because, well, I'm paranoiac and scared. I'm horrified of the thought of fishing and stepping into any sort of water that is not a crystal clear pool by a house, in a hotel, or just generally an aqua park where people are supposed to have fun. Sometimes I'm terrified of even that because I keep having delusions of things touching my legs and it's not comfortable at all. I also hate baths and would rather have a shower, and I'd never touch something with scales even if it would save my life. I've got no idea why I'm terrified of everything that lives and is associated with the aquatic life; even the fucking algae and rocks make me flip my shit!

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