How To Combat And Win Against Fear Of Aids?

Fear of AIDS is such an extreme case of apprehension that the disease completely restricts your movement and you do not want to move out of your house under any circumstance. This type of fear falls under the category of disease phobia.

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People who suffer from disease phobia are always afraid of being contaminated by germs and thus they go on washing their hands and are extra protective and conscious in matters of hygiene and cleanliness.

When treating AIDS phobia, the doctor takes into account the medical condition of the patient.

Some so-called experts are of the opinion that the phobic individual should be made to understand the reason of his having a phobia and the extent by which the fear is destroying his life.

Fear of AIDS is irrational as it is a non-communicative disease and cannot affect a person just by casual contacts. It is a shame that people who have AIDS are socially discriminated.

Moreover, a condition of AIDS phobia is so intense that both friends and relatives unjustifiably abandon the person.

It is only a handful people who are aware of the pros and cons of the ailment and they come forward to lend their help to these distressed souls suffering from a fatal disease called AIDS.

AIDS phobia never comes alone. It is always accompanied by other phobic situations like fear of contagion, fear of unknown and fear of death.

Most people have fear of AIDS because they have been wrongly informed about the condition. Most people need AIDS education because they don't know what emotion to show when they come close to an individual affected with AIDS.

While talking about AIDS phobia, you should be aware of the fact that AIDS cannot be caused by shaking hands, sharing a cigarette, having water and ice cubes from an unknown place, scratching your face or other body parts and touching exposed nodules and boils.

If you really want to get rid of fear of AIDS you have to adopt several preventive measures to avoid being contaminated by this particular disease.

AIDS is infectious but not in the sense of how measles, chicken pox and common cold are contagious.

AIDS is a sexually transmitted, blood borne ailment, which can spread from one person to the other by the following ways only.

Therefore, to avoid AIDS phobia it is important for you to know these points well.:

  • AIDS is caused due to a sexual intercourse where the germ can communicate through vaginal, anal or oral sex

  • It can be caused by contaminated needles and it may also work when a drug is injected

  • The germ can pass from an AIDS bearing mother to her newly born baby plausibly through breast feeding

  • AIDS is passed from one person to the other through contaminated blood and blood components

To avoid fear of AIDS you should keep in mind the following points of precaution

  • Avoid AIDS o by using condoms

  • Avoid intimate kissing

  • Do not indulge in multiple sex

  • Stop using illegal intravenous drugs and do not share needles or syringes

How to get rid of fear of AIDS with the help of self-help NLP techniques
AIDS is not just a common and usual disease like cold and cough. It is unusual and can only affect you in certain cases. Once you can make your unconscious mind understand these points by making use of self-help NLP techniques then there is every possible chance of getting rid of fear of AIDS.

AIDS is a reality and self help NLP techniques help you face the truths of life. Therefore, follow rules, be rational and get rid of AIDS phobia as soon as possible.

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