Do You Suffer From
Fear of Abandonment?

There is always this lingering fear of abandonment in the minds of most of the individuals. So these individuals always want to stay in close proximity to others, so that they never have to face solitude.

Actually, these people are suffering from Autophobia, which is an abnormal fear of solitude.

But there is reason behind every happening and fear of abandonment is also triggered by such reasons, which the victim must have faced at any point of time in his or her life.

At any point of your life, you must have been abandoned by your dear and loved ones, which must have rooted the fear of being alone, in your mind and heart.

It may so happen that you were left alone by your family or elders or friends out of sheer fun in an empty room, which might have gave birth to the fear.

Or it may be a totally different case. You may feel very uncomfortable or uneasy when you are completely alone. The overall experience of being alone may leave a bitter memory, which you will try to avoid again and again.

Therefore, to bid farewell to the unpleasant circumstances, you may crave for a company always.

If you are suffering from fear of abandonment, then you will always feel uneasy every time you encounter the unpleasant situation, where you may have to stay alone.

The suffocating circumstances will provoke panic attacks in you and automatically the other symptoms will follow.

Sweating, rapid breathing, inability to speak, fear of dying, detachment from reality and nausea are the some of the other symptoms.

How to Combat the Situation?
Once the fear of abandonment grips you staunchly, you will start feeling very unhappy and out of control. Remember that many men and women try to get into a relationship to shun the situation. But this can turn the situation worse, as because any relationship built on fear is bound to be unsuccessful.

Few Therapies to Combat the Situation
Hypnotherapy enables to reprogram your subconscious program and eventually helps you dispel the fear.

On the other hand, Energy Psychology , which is an emotional acupuncture has also emerged as a therapy for the treatment of this type of fear. It is considered to be a scientific process and is very effective in treating the problem.

But besides, the above techniques there are an easy ways to overcome fear of abandonment. It is known as the Self Help NLP technique.

NLP techniques to Overcome fear of abandonment
My Self Help NLP techniques are effective and are the most trusted way of dispelling the fear. Try to interact with yourself more and focus on the positive attributes, instead of harping on the negative ones.

Bust your fear and boost up the courage to acknowledge the weak points in you instead of shrouding them. Remember that NLP techniques can work wonders and will surely enable to dispel your fear.

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Posted by Jan Heering
Phobia Treatment Expert and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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