How To Eliminate Fear Of Friday The 13th

Fear of Friday the 13th is also known to all as paraskevidekatriaphobia or friggatriskaidekaphobia. People all over the world suffer from Friday the 13th phobia.

Jan Heering

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Most people are of the opinion that this particular day is most unfortunate and unlucky when everything is sure to go the wrong lane. In Greece and Spain, it is Tuesday the 13th, which is considered as the day of severe ill luck and misfortune.

The notion of Friday the 13th phobia started with the belief that there were thirteen members present on the Last Supper of Jesus, who was mercilessly crucified on Good Friday. Until late 19th century, no factual indication has been discovered to specify number 13 as hexed and deathly.

Historically fear of Friday the 13th is associated with several incidents of bad luck and trouble. One suggestion says that the concept of unlucky 13th occurred with Norse myth during which 12 Gods were busy enjoying a feast in Valhalla.

In the event, the ill hearted Loki played the mischief by presenting himself as the 13th guest. He compelled Hod (the blind God of darkness) to throw a branch of mistletoe at Bladder who is worshiped as the God of delight and cheerfulness.

In consequence, Bladder was put to death instantaneously and Earth was destined to eternal darkness and pensive bereavement.

Fear of this particular day also has a gender association. Feminists all over the world are believers of the fact that the notion of unlucky 13 is an outcome of male conspiracy. In European calendars both Friday and the lunar year has been named after a goddess.

Feminists are of the opinion that this fear is an intentional male conduct to refer number 13 as unlucky and inauspicious to show discourtesy to womanhood.

Moreover, an interplay of chances and coincidences have contributed much in stabilizing the concept of fear of Friday the 13th. Quite unfortunately, it has been noticed that most accidents and fatal incidents occur on this particular day.

In relation to such a belief the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville is of the opinion that each year on this particular day more than $800 million people in the United States have to go through havoc financial loss as most people refuse to travel or work on this day.

Whatever may be the reason to associate fear of Friday the 13th with misfortune and ill luck there are still a great many number of eminent people born on this day.

Such people include Sir Joh Bjelke-Peterson, Eileen Farrell, Herbert Ross, Samuel Beckett, Oliviero De Fabritiis, Mary Kate, Ashley Olsen, Georges Simenon, Bess Truman, Peter Davidson and Carol Lynley. Some notable personalities who died on Friday the 13th are Hubert Humphrey, Gerald Moore, Gary Jennings, Benny Goodman, Ralph Kirkpatrick, Arnold Schoenburg, Tupac Shakur, Diamond Jim Brady, Lily Pons and Martita Hunt.

Once you start feeling that fear of Friday the 13th has no particular base you will find yourself more confident and close to reality.

How to cure your Friday 13th phobia
To get rid of fear of Friday the 13th, you can practice self help NLP therapy. This will help you to avoid irrational thoughts and beliefs associated with fear of Friday the 13th and believe in the truth.

With the help of self-help Neuro Linguistic Programming, you change your “mental constructs” and learn to face reality in life. Once you are able to do so then the number 13 will just be a number to you with no ill implications.

Therefore, if you really want to keep away from the dungeon of fear of Friday the 13th then nothing can be better than self help NLP techniques.

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