Fear in death

by Samantha
(San Jose, Texas, USA)

I have just found out that have a major fear in death. It is very hard to cope. My family thinks its in my head but i know different. Its so hard because I finally realized it.

It all started about 5 years ago when my aunts two nieces where in a car wreck. They both flew out the window and 1 died instantly and the other died on the way to the hospital.

We had went to the scene to recover any thing that we could and i just remember that there was pieces of brains and organs lying around. They were so small just bits and pieces. It was HORRIBLE.

It just stayed stuck in the back of my head and now its really hard for me to see or think of anything dying. I really would like to have a normal life and sleep better, But now that’ll never happen. I dont sleep thinking that i wont wake up. When i do sleep i just dream im gonna die.

Its hard because i have 2 kids and 1 on the way and all i do is cry because what if i die and not see them grow up or what if something happens to them? There’s so many things going through my head and i feel i need help but i cant get it no one wants to help someone if they think that persons not right in the HEAD.

Please if you have anything to say to help me e-mail me at chikanagurl_07 at yahoo.com Please i need someone to talk too.

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