Feaer of failing or being stupid

by bella
(united states)

I'm afraid of failing or being stupid :(
Sometimes my friends make a yell or, talk about their looks and i'll be standing there saying nothing because sometimes i think they'll think i'm stupid, weird and don't make sense at all :( and my bff has changed, and now she ALWAYS makes fun of me and of everything i say or do and I think that's the cause, I mean when I was little i was a little bit shy, but then i overcome me shyness, and now my bff ios kind of getting it back in me, but now I'm mad at her and I can't think of her as my bff anymore, I don't want to talk to her again, but we still Always do things together because we have the same group of friends, so that's really annoying :( I don't really want to see her ever again! btw I have another fear, It's the fear of sports balls! everytime we play soccer, volleyball, basketball etc, I get nervouse and scared of the ball, idk why but whenever the ball is close to me, I can't mover properly and I'm too afraid to touch it, especially when someone is kicking it of throwing it in my direction.

So yeah... These are my two fears, but I am also afraid of mice, spiders and stuff, But i guess it's normal Cuz I'm a girl :D

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