Far of Love Failure

by Raúl
(Puerto Rico)

Hello,my name is Raúl.I am 36 years old.I am from Puerto Rico.I have an extreme fear of love failure or acute philatichyphobia.

Everything happened when I was a teenager,while I was
in high school when a girl wrote me she wanted me only as a friend and I was deeply in love of the girl.The great thing,she wrote me she did not wanted me to suffer and undergo a biggest disheartening,she ain't talkin' 'bout love,just a friendship and I liked her.And the great thing,the schoolmates told me,to tease me,whether they were right or wrong,she rejected me and she will dump me first.

When the schoolmates told me so,right or wrong,I reacted awfully cold,with hostility and bellicosity,because I did not want to accept nor tolerate in any shape or form a biggest disheartening,whether it is deserved or not,and the great thing,she never told me in the beginning that she had a boyfriend or something,so I dumped her and distrusted her anyway.

Also,when I met a girl at Dorado del Mar Country Club,
in 20003,she told me she had a boyfriend.And for that matter,I told her I did not love her due of that fact,so I wanted her to go with her boyfriend.

Due of these bad experiences,I always wanted to be alone,never fall in love,whether it is a good one or not,and never be married because I am very afraid these situations could happen to me time and time again and too often,and the great thing never find a mate that can respect me,like and love me the way I am.

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