Eye Contact Phobia

by Robby
(Springfield ohio)

Well I havent gone through any therapy for my eye contact phobia. Ive had it for about 13 years now. Its a terrible, horrible affliction. It has made getting a job very difficult.

I am scared to look at someone for to long. Im scared of the mere thought of it. When I look into someones eyes too long or know im being looked at, I become incoherent in my thoughts.

I tremble sometimes. If infront of many people the back of neck has a sharp horrifying pain that will shoot through. I can talk infront of people perfectly only when im mad enough or filled with passion.

But thats not good because I am losing control of my emotions. It has hurt me very badly socially. People think im crazy or mentally challenged. I cant even flirt well with women due to it.

If I could use one word to describe eye contact phobia I would simply say, "nitemare"

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