Eye Contact Phobia

by Matt

Whenever I look into someone’s eyes I experience intense anxiety. It feels almost as though I have no control over it. The feelings intensify If I am speaking to the person.

I often try to convince myself that there is no rational danger which only diverts my attention, making it more difficult for me to pay attention to what the person is saying.

When I am walking by someone in the street and I look into there eyes I feel my knees get weak And I often lose my balance. This problem is particularly hard for me to deal with because it has caused serious problems with people I am
very close to.

I often find myself trying to avoid eye contact entirely.
This provokes a feeling of separation from people and society. When in the wake of this anxiety I experience intense headaches, stomach pains, loss of balance and feelings of guilt.

The guilt stems from my belief that I am not strong enough to overcome this problem. What can I do to get the root of this problem and overcome it?

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