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im afraid of water towers
by: eileen stewart

hi again i have to say im still really afraid of water towers and hot air balloons to but not as much as water towers.i thought i was the only one who was afraid of them.there just so big and i feel so tiny compared to them i have like this energy that comes when i see a water tower.some of my siblings like to make fun of me about it.but i just say you have to feel what i feel when i see a water tower. nice to know im not the only one who has this phobia.

Mom's Fault
by: Lauren

Like the lot of you, I have an irrational fear of water towers. It all started when I was about 3 years old, living in Connecticut. There was this GINORMOUS water tower my mother and I were driving past and she told me, "Lauren, see that? That's where they cook all the children." It may be silly, but now I can't stop thinking of that every single time I look at a water tower.

Ugh! Water Towers
by: Anonymous

I was stunned to see this post because I thought I was the only one with this phobia! My family teases me all the time about it. I do not like to be near water towers, but also have a very vivid picture in my head of being inside a large tank of water (I guess maybe I've associated it with being a water tower because of the size of the surroundings). When I reflect I can actually "hear" the sound of the water, the echo of the hollow steel tank, and it's completely dark. It's so vivid it almost seems like a memory of some type. Completely creeps me out. And no, I never had a traumatic experience as a child involving being trapped in a tank of water. I have no idea where this fear came from, but I am also freaked out by large wind turbines, just not on the same level as water towers. Not even close.

me too
by: rachel

hi Taylor, i hope you see this so you know you are not alone. there are actually a lot of us of there who are afraid of things like water towers, radio towers, windmills, wind turbines, cranes, large gas tanks, and generally anything that looks really large, looming and possibly unstable. i had a terrible fear of water towers specifically from the time i was three years old, and i still have trouble with tall objects in general. yet i've found that my fear is no longer paralyzing, and i did it by making myself look at these things in controlled situations, i believe this is called "exposure therapy". basically, if you can't afford to work with a therapist, find someone understanding who you can trust and makes you feel safe and have them help you through it. start by looking at pictures. the general idea is that as you continually, bit by bit, expose yourself to these things and learn that nothing bad is going to happen, your anxiety will lessen. there is nothing wrong with having a phobia, it's just when it causes extreme duress that it becomes a problem. my fear is much more manageable now. good luck! :)

water tower
by: Anonymous

Hello. Im 29 yrs old I have a fear of water towers, but my fear is the thought of being inside them. Or being inside a hot air ballon. Not the basket the ballon part lol. Everyone has wierd fears for example I have a buddy thats a huntin fishin ,cow workin 29 yr old man. And he is terrified of birds. Lol

water towers
by: eileen stewart

i am sooooo scared of water towers like really really scared of them i know what you mean when people in my family go right close up to them to get me terrified.they are just so big and tall and look like their ganna fall on me im 13 and been scared of them for as long as i chould remember dont worry i always thought i was the only one scared of them.

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