Extreme fear of touching blackboards or similar surfaces

by Winston
(Wellington, New Zealand)

This is not realy a story but im more looking for help on how to stop my fear of touching blackboards or similar surfaces

It all started from an ongoing dream from when i was very young where i am stuck in a pitch black room with nothing but a huge rock with a black board surface and i am forced to scratch it. It is not a fear of hearing a chalkboard being scratched although that still does make me crinch and get goose bumps mostly because it is associated with a blackboard. Just the thought of touching a blackboard makes my fingers and body stiff with a extremely uncomfortable pin and needle like feeling. The only thing i have found that is close to helping is continuously scratching my face, mainly cheeks or other parts of body but has to be skin and painful.

If anyone can help me get over this fear or phobia it would be greatly appreciated

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