Extreme alien fear

by Kathleen
(Gillingham, Kent)

i have an extreme fear of aliens i cannot watch films to do with them i don't like to talk about them and i can't look at them. i developed the fear when i was about 12 i watched the film signs and since then i am terrified of aliens the look of the aliens was so familiar even thought i had never seen an alien like it.

i cannot even remember really the story line of the film i just see images of the aliens they scare me so much sometimes especially after thinking or talking about aliens i can not sleep and get an obsession with keeping water near me as in the film its how the aliens where killed.

After watching the film i didn’t sleep for a long time and kept water with me all the time. i have never had any treatment as my parents and friends all find it funny that i’m scared of aliens but i think it is something more and i wish i could get help with my phobia.

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