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Totally petrified
by: Anonymous

I get tormented a bit about my extreme fear of them. I literally cant even say the name of them and dont like talking about them at all. I will not allow people to talk about it in my house and if the topic is brought up ive had serious panic attacks. Friends and family know not to even say the word in my house or around me. I cant have anything related to it in my house at all. No toys,drink bottles that look like it etc in my house. Its horrible and people dont know how serious it is with me about them. No movies or books are allowed in my house that has anything like it in my house. The 'A' word is totally banned in my house :( Scares me too too much

Alien Fear!!
by: Liv

Hello!!! I cannot believe I've just stumbled across this post!!

I too HATE to talk about/see pictures etc of aliens and as well as you, I developed this fear after watching the film signs! People laugh at me when I tell them that signs is the SCARIEST film I've EVER seen but it really is!! The worst bit of that film is when it shows you the video tape of the alien at the birthday party...that pathway looks like mine in my back garden and it freaks me out!! I also dont like the way the aliens move!

I have to say that I dont mind looking at aliens (as long as they dont look like the ones off signs - which, granted most of them do!) but the other types (you prob know what kind I mean) Im not so scared of!

I seriously still cant believe I found this post! as soon as I read the bit about signs I just had to post! :)

Liv x

i am petrified of aliens
by: Ben

i am one of the only people i know who has ever been so petrified of aliens> i live on the bottom floor of my house and sometimes before i sleep if i dont have the tv on i feel like i can see aliens creeping outside my window. ive had a few experiences with this that made me beilive aliens were real. one time i was smoking a cigerette walking and i hear something in the bushes and i ignore it but when i get closer i see a very short white human looking thing and it looked naked run 10 feet by me at night >>> im not schizophrenic or paranoid but i feel like what i saw could have been real. another time i woke up in the middle of sleep and i got this voice in my head that 4 aliens told me to stay cal and everything wuld be alright and all we want to do is watch you wtfff has anyone had a weird or crazy experience like this???

Please reply
by: Anonymous

Im the exact same as you - i promise im not joking - im a 14 year old girl and i watched the same film when it came out not knowing how bad it would actually affect me.

Please please please reply to this as i would like to know someone with the same fear as me .

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