by Michael
(Lancaster, PA)

I developed the name of my phobia, since there isn't one on the lists I have seen. There are existing phobias that are related to mine, such as "demonophobia" - fear of demons, and "satanophobia" - fear of Satan. But my phobia is an unnatural fear of the film, "The Exorcist."

I originally saw the film on December 27, 1973, two days after it opened. Now, 45 years later, I still cannot watch the movie, and I still cringe whenever I see pictures or articles concerning the film. Family and friends have suggested that I watch the movie again in order to face my fear directly, somewhat similar to learning how to swim if you're hydrophobic. I do not believe it is in my best interest to view it again.

I am putting this out there to see if anyone has a similar phobia, and what you may have done to address it.

Thank you,

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