E.T Phobia!

I'm terrified of the dark (please don't laugh)... And E.T. This 'Afraid of the dark fear' was infact developed by watching this movie. As a five year old child, I was not scared by much. That would soon change.
One morning, my dad rented the movie 'E.T', telling us that it would be a nice family movie to watch. I remember clearly asking him what happened in it before he put it on. His reply was: "Watch and see."
The next thing I know, I was shivering slightly. That was unusual for me, because I dealt with dark situations a lot. But one bright light after another in the dark was giving me shivers up my spine. I hated the music. Creepy...
It started off with an awkward looking little brown figure almost hobbling along the screen. It was dark, without a good picture - but you could just make out a spaceship just behind the brown thing. The alien continued moving along the dusty earth. Then came the sirens of the cars. You saw people getting out of these cars.

They started chasing E.T.

E.T's piercing shrieking scream filled the air. It damaged my ears, I think, because I've been half-deaf ever since. Imagine the most terrifying, ear-smashing scream you can. Like a cat being dragged down the motorway. Times it by 11. That's his scream.
I covered my ears. I was scared of the noise, but not the alien. I had no idea what I was next about to see.
For the next five minutes, we follow the story of a boy named Elliot, who hears something outside his house and goes to investigate. The next thing I know, the scream fills the air again as Elliot slits open the doors of a cornfield and finds E.T standing right in front of him. This, as a surprise, is about the scariest thing you will ever see. How my 6 month old sister managed to sleep then was a miracle. My four year old brother was enjoying it as if it was a cartoon or something.

Now I'm terrified of the dark. Reminds me of the movie. And I refuse to leave my closet door open. If I do, I have a sleepless night and often awaken, screaming.

Has anyone else ever had trouble like this? I don't want to be the only one like this.

P.S: I didn't upload this photo, my mum did, because I'm too terrified D:

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