When Blushing Is All That Matters In Life

Erythrophobia is the other name for Facial Blushing phobia. When you blush, your face becomes red which in most cases is recognized as an early sign of rosacea.

Jan Heering

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Now, the question is when do you usually blush. You blush when you are embarrassed, ashamed or extremely modest.

When your face turns red due to intense blushing, you feel bad that others may be watching this change of tinge on your face and this can cause panic attacks along with a feeling of utter discomfort. This is what erythrophobia is all about.

You know that your fear is irrational but you cannot help yourself from feeling bad. At times, you even try to hide your blushing and this makes situation more adverse and worse.

When you suffer from facial blushing phobia, you tend to avoid social gatherings. You don’t want to mix with people nor do you like speaking among public, for you hate people watching you.

This is dangerous – because conditions of this particular phobia create impediments in your path of success. This is because we all know a disability to interact or communicate is a sure hindrance in progression.

Fear of red or erythrophobia is not only about being afraid of embarrassment and shame. It also refers to a fear of the red color or the term “RED”. Phrases or terms, which have the word red, can definitely make you feel negative.

Symptoms of erythrophobia

  • Dizziness

  • Dry mouth

  • Excessive sweating

  • Nausea

  • Increased heart palpitations

  • Difficulty in breathing

  • You feel sick and shaky

  • You cannot speak or think clearly

  • You tend to lose control over your nerves

  • You get detached from reality

  • You experience full-blown anxiety attacks

In most cases, victims of erythrophobia avoid social situations and they love to stay isolated. If you have the fear of the red, you may experience cardiovascular symptoms like palpitations, sweating or headache.

What makes you suffer from erythrophobia?

  • When you become very pleased or when you feel completely relaxed and contented

  • When someone praises you or compliments your deeds or looks

  • When you feel attracted to someone and the person understands your inclination

  • When anything makes you feel guilty and ashamed

Treating erythrophobia with the help of self-help techniques
Fear of the red falls under the category of social phobia and it can only be successfully cured with the help of NLP self-help techniques.

These techniques enable you to face reality in life and increase your level of self-confidence.

NLP self-help techniques make you change your mental “constructs” . This will help you to get rid of your fear of your blushing

Therefore, carefully follow the steps of NLP self-help techniques for the proper elimination of your erythrophobia.

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