"Now You Can Stop Your Phobia Even If You've Tried Everything Before!"

I'll show you step-by-step how to stop your phobia
no matter how hard you've tried before…

Dear Friend,

Of course, you want to cure your phobia, fast and easy. But you've tried so many products, books, etc you don't know who or what to believe anymore.

Jan Heering

You just want your phobia to stop more than anything else, and you should!

That's where I come in.

My name is Jan Heering and I'm a phobia treatment expert, mental coach, psychological trainer and author, Founder and President of Morpheus Institute, Amsterdam.

See if this sounds familiar?

Vesper Lynd, a homemaker from Bern
“ I have always hated spiders, you know. It was like spiders and I would immediately go yuck. I had come to believe that it was a normal and instinctive thing to do.

My daughter was the first one to tell me that I really go hyper. Like, it is I who spot the spider first in a room of six people and then it is like hell.

She also showed me some articles about it. It actually is a disease of sort with some fancy Greek name. Arachnophobia.

I never thought that this would have such an extensive background, I mean, disgust of spiders is ancient and supposed to be some unfortunate co-relations with plagues in the old days.”

Then after the Cure Your Phobia Today with Energy Therapy manual this same person had this to report:

" Well, to cut a long story short, when I realized that it was a phobia and that it could be cured, there was no stopping.

I was surfing the Internet when I came to know about Energy Therapy phobia cure from Jan Heering. I followed the simple treatment steps. It worked for me, at least.”

Yes, that's all it took!

And it can work for you too…

I know, because it has worked for thousands of people just like you. However, I don't expect you to believe me until you see even more proof.

Don't just take my word for it - check out these real-life examples:

The Program That Swallowed My Fears

Hi, I am Linda who has always been gutsy by nature. But could you believe it that I feared from heights right from my childhood. You could have never found me indulging in flights.

Anything that had to do with heights was a definite no from me. But things have changed and for the better. The Energy Therapy Phobia manual was just what I needed.

Thanks to all of you who have fabricated the program that swallowed my fears whatsoever.
Linda Sobers, Dallas, U.S.A

I Have Won My Fight Over Hydrophobia

I don’t know how to swim and I have qualms about it. What stopped me was my involuntary fear of water. It was a genuine problem I knew for sure. It’s strange how fears can be captured. With your Energy Therapy phobia techniques, my fears have drowned as I have won my fight over hydrophobia.
Josh Kern, athlete, London, U.K.

Eliminated Dentist Phobia

My tooth’s aching but I will not go to the dentist. My gums are bleeding but that won’t force me to go to the dentist. Now that had to be a problem, a phobia problem.

I still don’t believe that I have eventually made it to the dentist, courtesy the Energy Therapy phobia program.
Mac Darren, Washington D.C, U.S.A

I promise your situation is not unique. And more importantly - your situation is NOT hopeless.

The big problem is that people who suffer from phobia have been fed the 3 myths by doctors and the media.

Here are the 3 biggest myths about phobia that will never get you the results you want

Myth 1. Phobia can be helped by exposure.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy: This consists of exposing you to the very thing you are afraid of and deconditioning you to the fear. For instance, if you have spider phobia, you get exposed gradually to spiders. If you have fear of heights, you go to the top of a tall building.

While this method claims success, it involves a great deal of mental pain. It also requires frequent therapy sessions over several weeks.

Myth 2. Phobia can be treated by talking about it.

Talk Therapy: Traditional therapy, in which you sit or lie down and tell your problems to a therapist, takes months or years to bring relief, and the results are quite unpredictable.

Often you feel relief when you are talking about the phobia, but when you encounter the situation you are afraid of, it becomes clear that there is still no cure. If you pay for this kind of treatment yourself, it can get rather expensive.

Myth 3. Drugs for the treatment of phobias are effective.

Have you been tempted to try medication? Its disadvantages include the expense, the possibility of side effects, the necessity to keep taking medication indefinitely and most of all, the likelihood that drugs won’t solve the problem. After all, medications can only suppress the symptoms, not treat the underlying disease.

Wouldn't you agree that it's crazy to think you'll get different results if you keep doing the same thing over and over again? If I keep touching a hot stove and kept getting burned - I'd be silly to think the next time I touch that hot stove I won't get burnt.

That's why you need to try something different…

Energy Therapy Phobia Treatment

Energy Therapy is emerging as one of the best therapies for phobia and fears because in studies it is shown to be rapid, safe, effective and long-lasting.

It is based on a theory and practice that has been around for a couple of thousand years. It has the same foundation or roots as acupuncture, except in this case there are no needles used.

You could call it emotional acupuncture - without the needles. Recent scientific studies have shown it to be very effective.

There are a lot of advantages to this method:

  • You quickly and easily change your behaviors.

  • You are active in your own recovery.

  • You are in control.

  • Your thought patterns change, often very quickly.

  • You are able to relax.

  • You develop skills and techniques that are useful for a lifetime in all situations.

  • You are able to release your phobia, fast and easy.

Here's How the Cure Your Phobia Today with Energy Therapy manual Can Help You Starting Today…

You see, I've just completed a new resource called "Cure Your Phobia Today with Energy Therapy” manual that gives you a step-by-step phobia treatment formula.

It's different than anything else on phobia treatment you've seen. This program has taken years to develop.

Here Are Just A Few Of The Breakthrough Ideas Inside Cure Your Phobia Today with Energy Therapy manual:

  • Our experience has taught us that the success of any course of exercises depends on the build up and the cooling off. We have placed the ‘Release Activator’ at the beginning of our energy therapies, the ‘Heart Healing’ at the end.

  • The release activator is a unique ‘start-up’ that shakes and stirs the energy system of your body. A ‘warm-up’ that prepares your body for any Energy Therapy Technique to follow.

  • Similarly, the ‘Heart Healing’ exercise is an ideal way to end your exercise regimen. It is known to have fastened the rate of progress apart from being tremendously relaxing.

  • The 2 energy therapy techniques in combination with ‘Release Activator’ in the lead and ‘Heart Healing’ in the end, is a wonderful, easy, hassle-free method to get rid of your phobia.

  • Based on renowned energy therapy techniques, the simple effective workouts involve a combination of posture and ‘conditioned’ thinking that weeds out the phobia from your body’s energy field ánd your mind.

  • At this point, what we can say is that - this group of exercises is unique because though they make a holistic ‘cluster’ they are entirely effective, even separately.

  • The series of exercises are easy, ‘do-it-yourself’ that have been proven successful, over the years.

Okay, So What's The Cost For
This Amazing Manual?

My Cure Your Phobia Today with Energy Therapy manual offers a clear-cut step-by-step proven method for curing your phobia.

This program has taken 3 years and a sum of $5,847.42 to develop. I have worked virtually day and night to research and test these effective phobia treatment techniques.

This manual is a successful unique phobia treatment system that is incomparable to any of the other available treatments.

Let's do a quick comparison

Suppose you go for a therapist with your phobia. The treatment sessions would unavoidably ask for $1000 to $1225, or more. The success rate in most cases is quite low. Not to forget the travel expenses that could be additional hundred of dollars.

For a series of hypnotherapy sessions, you would have to spend no less than 2500 dollars.

Frankly, none of these options really seemed fair to me. So I figured out a way to provide you with a real bargain….

This sensational resource the Cure Your Phobia Today with Energy Therapy manual is available to you as a downloadable e-book directly accessible from the Internet.

But don't worry, downloading the information in Cure Your Phobia Today with Energy Therapy manual is a real snap, I'm no "techno whiz" and I had no problem. (It works perfectly with both MAC or PC computers.)

Now because you will be downloading everything online - I'm not going to charge you anywhere near the amount you'd pay for a single treatment session or even what just one overpriced DVD goes for.

In fact, your total investment for the Cure Your Phobia Today with Energy Therapy manual is just $37.

Given its potential to cure your phobia, , I'm sure you'd agree $69.99.... or even $ 99.99 would be reasonable for an amazing phobia treatment system like this.

Buy Before and the Following Exciting Bonuses are Also Yours

Bonus 1 Instant Motivation Techniques (value $29.90)

This manual will show you how to train your brain the right way for instant and long-term motivation. It will also teach you why you put things off so you can stop putting things off.

Once you understand the why, you’ll be able to immediately combat your procrastination and turn your inactions into actions.

Bonus 2 Stress Release Instantly (value $29.90)

Fact: Stress is actually a matter of perception. Just like there is bad stress, there is also good stress.

Through the effective use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) you will not only be able to identify the difference types of stress, but you’ll learn how to deal with these stresses.

Learn how to bust through the bad and thrive from the good. This powerful manual offers effective techniques to help you control your stress level – instantly!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

The Cure Your Phobia Today with Energy Therapy Manual comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, without a question asked.

In case you are not completely satisfied with the program with 60days of downloading it, just send an email and I will cheerfully refund your money; you can keep back the program with you.

Just Try Everything At My Risk

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Here’s to your new life, phobia-free!

Jan Heering
Master Coach
Phobia Treatment Expert
Founder and President of Morpheus Institute
and www.phobia-fear-release.com

P.S. Remember that special guarantee... the only thing you have to lose is your phobia. If you don't feel completely satisfied, for whatever reason, just let me know within 60 days and I will happily refund every penny! And you get to keep everything! That's a guaranteed gain, no matter what you decide!

P.P.S. Finally... I guess you could be thinking.. 'What if I can't do it?' If you are.. I urge you to reconsider... 'What if you can?' ....and more importantly, 'What if you can.. but you never give yourself the chance to find out!!!' I know these techniques work, and all I ask is that you give them a try. That's all it takes! Don't take my word for it... Prove it works for yourself!! Your iron clad guarantee is your safety net, but I know you're not gonna need it!

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