by siobhan doyle

i have always had an Emetophobia. ever since i can remember. it was never bad.. up until the age of 14. I went to bali with my mum and my brother. It was so dirty i dident eat the hole time i was there incase i got sick. when we arrived back home i had lost so much weight my dad and friends wore really worried.

A year has gone by and i have never suffered so badly with this phobia ever! its taking over me. lots of people ncluding my family wish the old me was back. I thought she was hiding. But now i think she dosent exsist anymore. I hate the person i have become.

I have tryed talking to about 3-4 sykes. which hasent helped me at all.

i have tryedd being in situations that wioll casuse me to become sick but nonw of it has helped at all.

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