How To Cure Emetophobia

Emetophobia or the fear of vomiting is quite a common phenomenon. You may be afraid to vomit or you may also feel awkward to see others vomiting. If you are suffering from this specific phobic condition then you are definitely an emetophobe.

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However, fear of vomiting can be classified into two broad categories:

  • Those who are afraid to see OTHER PEOPLE vomiting

  • Those who are afraid of vomiting THEMSELVES

Emetophobia takes its course from the childhood and assumes a height when the mere sight or the smell of vomiting makes the victim feel utterly restless. It is indeed difficult to trace an appropriate cause of emetophobia.

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However, some psychoanalysts have the opinion that child abuse or a bad experience of vomiting due to sudden food poisoning may be considered as two major reasons of the fear of nausea or queasiness.

In most cases, emetophobes are confused and irritated because they simply do not know what makes them feel like vomiting.

The link between nausea and phobic condition
At times, when you experience several phobia conditions you may experience nausea as one of the symptoms. For example, if you have fear of height or fear of blood you may feel like vomiting as you go up or at the sight of bloodshed.

Again, the case may be different. At times, you cannot stand the sight of someone vomiting or you tend to feel tensed and irritated when you yourself feel like vomiting. The result is a relentless phobic condition giving way to phobic attacks and unreasonable apprehensions.

How to detect an emetophobe
In most cases, emetophobes can finely disguise their vomiting tendency by making excuses to avoid certain situations in life.

Many people feel nauseatic while traveling in public transports. They mostly insist on driving their own cars. Following this tendency, you may find people going by car while other people of the group travel by bus or rail.

At times, you may go out in groups to dine outside. In such cases, if you are suffering from emetophobia you may not prefer to have certain dishes while others may have them with immense ease and satisfaction.

This is often because you are afraid of food contamination leading to nausea and upset stomach. Some may even go to the extent of examining the kitchen before ordering the food.

Some people suffering from emetophobia may feel like vomiting in taking certain drugs and pills. Such people usually have the habit of checking the side effects of the medicines before deciding to have them.

You may even come across women who are not willing to be pregnant only because of the fact that they are afraid of morning sickness.

Victims of emetophobia may behave so fanatically at times that they literally prefer to lock themselves up in rooms so that they are not affected by germs and infections.

When you suffer from emetophobia, you tend to sit far away from patients in hospitals. You prefer to settle down beside an open door or window. You do not pick up anything nor do you lick your lips. All this you intentionally avoid to minimize chances of being infected and falling sick.

Some of the common symptoms of emetophobia

  • Breathlessness

  • Dizziness

  • Dry mouth

  • Excessive sweating

  • Feeling sick and disturbed

  • An attitude to shake and tremble

  • Heart palpitations

  • Inability to think clearly

  • Fear of dying

  • Becoming psychologically unstable

  • You tend to part yourself from reality and experience full blown anxiety attacks

How can self-help Neuro Linguistic Program skills help
Self-help NLP technique is the fastest and the most trusted way of curing emetophobic conditions. NLP is all about giving form to ourreality.

According to NLP we suffer from phobia due to the malfunctioning of the programs and constructs within our brain. Self-help NLP techniques helps you get rid of fear of vomiting in just 5 Days.

Therefore, it is time you should get rid of emetophobia and enjoy the way you live.

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