Emetophobia, severeFear of Vomit

by Cole Manhattan
(Boston, Ma)

I have a severe fear of Vomit. When people cough I freak out thinking they might get sick or get me sick. WHen i see little kids i think they're going to throw up, It's insane I now have bad OCD and Anxiety attacks from this terrible phobia. You'd think The average Kid should be out on saturdays with they're friends, but no. Im 14 And i never leave my house. I live in a downtown region, and everyone here parties! except for me.

Every time i take the bus, i see kids i freak out and sit in the back alone. I count how many kids are they're and if they look ill at all. Same as teenagers at night. I do not go near intoxicated people. Thats the OCD part. That i count and if there is more then 20 kids i must get off, because i feel like it will be a cycle of vomit, one kid vomits then the next then the next. I also don't like it when people who are sick sit near the exit because, then I'll be trapped.

I went on a field trip with my school where kids started throwing up, i freaked out and had an anxiety attack. And all the teachers just laughed. And i don't blame them, its a stupid phobia, its a daily life cycle. But for me its my life. I can't even live my own dreams with it. I can't go to a regular university because of the campus. I have to live at home. Its sad how one phobia can lead to OCD that leads to anxiety attacks, and then leads to Trapped in your own home.

for anyone suffering this disease GET HELP. before its s late. It's too late for me.

Live your dreams

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