Emetophobia runing my life

by Amy

Okay so I know the title Emetophobia runing my life sounds a little dramatic, but sometimes I feel that way.
I'm 17 and I really miss the old me! I used to always be out doing things, going to public school.

Now because of my phobia of puking, I have lost weight, get anxiety/panic attacks, and I feel like I'm pushing my loved ones away from me. I feel like the only people that understand are the ones who have the phobia themselves.
If I hear anyone who says they feel sick I automatically panic, if I feel a bit sick I'll end up going insane.
I'm so afraid I cry about it almost everyday in fear of it, I just would honestly break a leg or maybe even die than deal with it ever again.I feel horrible for the people I've put in my situation of dealing with me the guilt is unbearable, I'm always taking off plans and making my boyfriend feel frusterated:(
I take care of myself though, I try to be as healthy as possible, but the thought of food repulses me sometimes.
It's hard for me to fall asleep and just think normally cause all that's on my mind is this emetophobia and it's really ruining my life!!

I miss how I was two months ago, I really do :(

Thanks if anyone has any comments.


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