Stop Your Elevator Phobia

Imagining about being trapped whenever entering an elevator is elevator phobia. This is a common phobia, especially with those living in skyscrapers or working in high-rise offices.

An extreme fear of elevators could almost freeze your heart and make you breathless. A sense of unresponsiveness creep you, with an apprehension of a baulk.

An elevator phobia is common to most of the people. Whether fear of elevator cable snap - dropping many floors, or catching fire, the phobia has its own approach.

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The fear is always rational to some extent if it matches the threat; however, it is irrational if the level of fear is beyond reasons.

At times you are afraid to enter the elevator because you think that it might get overblown to the extent of being impaired. This is simply your elevator phobia that is holding you back.

Mostly, the phobia is an intense fear of something which poses no actual danger. There are adults who suffer from panic attack or severe anxiety whenever thinking about facing the situation.

Suppose, you are the one who works on the top of a 30 story building – your phobia is a dilemma. With sincere effort, you could easily have a strongest heart to overcome your fear.

However, for those living in rural America and are afraid of getting to the third floor on elevator, the phobia could be a little bothering.

Symptoms of Elevator Phobia
People with a phobia suffer from a number of symptoms such as nausea, dry mouth, feeling sick, shaking, heart palpitations, breathlessness, excessive sweating, becoming mad or losing control.

Other symptoms are: inability to think clearly, a fear of dying, a sensation of full blown anxiety attack or detachment from reality, while making an endeavor to get into the elevator.

The statistics are in favor of the elevator-averse, as there are just a few people who can trace their fears to a specific situation, in most cases there is no underlying trauma – accidents in past. The best part is that the elevator phobia is treatable.

A treatment for such phobia being Hypnotherapy that assists in reprogramming your subconscious "programs", which might be the root of your fear. Being treated, the symptoms of elevator phobia are reduced.

However, a drawback with this treatment is that the patients have to allow someone else to deal with their personal software. And a series of hypnotherapy sessions cost more than 2500 dollars.

One of the fastest ways to get rid of the elevator phobia is Self-help Neuro Linguistic Programming. My program helps you develop self-help NLP skills, which help you to get rid of your phobia.

My program is meant to make it easier for you to re-structure your mental set up with a better grip over sentiments and emotions in life. My self-help NLP procedures and methods are a proven way to combat elevator phobia.

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