Do You Suffer From Elevation Phobia?

Elevation phobia or the fear of heights is one among the most popular form of intense fears or phobias.

However, fear of heights never comes alone. It is always accompanied by other phobic varieties such as fear of flying. People suffering from this type of phobia never feel necessary to seek help in order to get out of this unnecessary fearful condition in life. They develop the habit of making this phobia a part of their life.

Before discussing about elevation phobias, you must have a clear conception about what phobia is. To put it simply, phobia is the other name for fear. Phobia is intense fear, which is very difficult to get rid of even after full maturity. Small children try to overcome phobic situations by surpassing those objects and situations, which generally scare them or make them, feel afraid.

Elevation phobia has several scientific names such as acrophobia, altophobia and batophobia. NLP, hyposis and Energy Therapy are successful treatments of elevation phobias or the fear of heights.

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In most cases, this form of fear persists for a long period. The victim finds it difficult to get rid of this phobic tendency even after being exposed to this specific variety of phobia. Moreover, such an attempt to exterminate elevation fear is completely irrelevant because this can at length worsen the situation leading to fatal consequences.

Fear of heights can seriously have an adverse effect on life making people suffer from panic attacks and setting them afar from their loved ones & associates.

Some of the common symptoms of such fear of heights are:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Unfavorable rapidity in respiration
  • Irregular pulsation of the heart
  • Perspiration
  • Nausea
  • An overall feeling of fear or dread

Various drugs have been prescribed for elevation fear, but they have always been accompanied by harmful side effects and withdrawal symptoms. In reality, drugs can never exterminate this particular fear from heights. They can at length suppress the tendency by way of chemical interaction.

Elevation phobia in most cases occurs due to past incidents of sudden accidents in life or certain impressions formed by medias especially the television. The process of breaking down negative stimulus links and forming the new positive ones has benefited many people in overcoming unreasonable tendencies of fear of heights

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