How To Stop Effects Of Fear To Lead A Normal Life?

Effects of fear can be both pleasant and disastrous. In your life, fear can be visualized in different ways.

Jan Heering

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Fear is an afflictive feeling of impending danger or risk. It is a kind of warning, which makes you understand your limitations in life.

However, effects of fear or to put it more specifically of irrational fear causes hindrance in your growth and prosperity in life.

There was a time when fear and religion were put on equal footing. Have you heard about the initial stage of civilization when men were basically food gatherers and hunters? During those days, men associated fear with everything out of their rational sense.

They strongly believed in spirit, God and nature. Fear of religion made people sacrifice a large amount of wealth to satisfy the Divine Creator. Popular religion such as Buddhism too is based on the concept of fear of suffering.

In fact, effects of fear had a significant role to play in the life of common men.

However, when you move down from religious philosophy to everyday normal existence you will find those fears prevail in all aspects of life.

You fear discomfort and so you work for food and other basic necessities in life. No matter whether you live to eat or eat to live, you are always afraid of suffering in life.

Effects of fear not only cause destruction, but also support progression in life. Anger and hatred are the two most common outcomes of fear.

Anger is the most significant effect of fear. You become angry when you suffer from insecurity in life.

Stress is again one of the most vital effects of fear. When you become extremely stressed and tensed, you have high chances of suffering from tunnel vision and loss of color perception. These are some of the physical manifestations of fear.

Fear at times bewilders you to such an extent that you are unable to choose the right path of progression. However, the effects of long term fear is more debilitating than short-term fear.

If you tend to get angry in each day of life then you are sure to land up being an angry and fearful person.

Some of the most common effects of fear

  • When you are extremely afraid, you tend to avoid particular objects and situations in life

  • Fear causes insomnia. You cannot sleep at night

  • Effects of fear make you lazy and unsocial. You lack vital energy. You don't feel like working and mixing with people around you

  • When you suffer from fear you do not like to take part in social gatherings. You prefer to lock yourself up in rooms

  • At times fear makes you so much over conscious that you always feel that someone is constantly criticizing and judging you

  • When you suffer from fear you don't like going to public places. You hate meeting new people and you don't like getting introduced to all

  • A victim of fear experiences heartbeat, sweating and nausea

  • Fear indulges substance abuse too

How can effects of fear be minimized?
To eliminate effects of fear, you can at best take the help of effective NLP techniques. Self-help Neuro Linguistic Programming genuinely works in treating several conditions of fear.

It is the fastest and the most trusted cure of fears and phobias. With the help of this technique, you can create reality for yourself.

Thus, it is easy for you to restructure and reprogram your mental set up and well control your emotions and sentiments in life.

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